International Donors Pledge $610 Million in Aid for Ethiopia

International donors pledge $610M in aid for Ethiopia's conflict-affected regions, but $3B is needed to address the crisis. The UN calls for unwavering support to help the country recover and rebuild.

Ebenezer Mensah
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International Donors Pledge $610 Million in Aid for Ethiopia

International Donors Pledge $610 Million in Aid for Ethiopia

International donors have pledged $610 million in humanitarian aid for Ethiopia , as the country continues to address the aftermath of a devastating two-year conflict in the Tigray region. The pledges were made during a high-level donor conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday.

The conference, co-hosted by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the European Union, aimed to mobilize support for the millions of Ethiopians impacted by the conflict, which has led to widespread displacement, food insecurity, and a breakdown of essential services.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who attended the conference virtually, emphasized the urgent need for assistance, stating, "The people of Ethiopia have suffered tremendously, and they deserve our unwavering support in their time of need." He called on the international community to step up their efforts to provide life-saving aid and support the country's recovery and reconstruction process.

The pledged funds will be used to address the immediate humanitarian needs of the affected population, including food, shelter, healthcare, and protection services. The aid will also support the restoration of basic infrastructure and the promotion of social cohesion and reconciliation efforts.

Why this matters:The international community's response to the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia is vital in alleviating the suffering of millions of people affected by the conflict. The pledged aid will not only provide immediate relief but also contribute to the country's long-term recovery and stability.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his appreciation for the international community's support, stating, "We are deeply thankful for the generosity and solidarity shown by our international partners. This aid will go a long way in helping us rebuild lives and communities shattered by the conflict." He also reaffirmed his government's commitment to ensuring the effective and transparent distribution of the aid to those most in need.

The successful donor conference represents a significant step forward in the international community's efforts to support Ethiopia's recovery from the conflict. As the country begins the long and challenging process of rebuilding, the pledged aid will play a vital role in addressing the urgent needs of the affected population and laying the foundation for a more stable and prosperous future.

Key Takeaways

  • International donors pledged $610M in humanitarian aid for Ethiopia's Tigray crisis.
  • The aid will address immediate needs and support recovery and reconciliation efforts.
  • UN Secretary-General called for unwavering support to help the affected population.
  • The pledged funds will be used for food, shelter, healthcare, and infrastructure restoration.
  • The aid represents a significant step in the international community's support for Ethiopia.