UN Donor Conference Falls Short of $1 Billion Target for Ethiopia's Humanitarian Crisis

Ethiopia's humanitarian crisis falls short of $1B fundraising goal, highlighting challenges in addressing conflicts and climate change amid escalating needs and limited resources.

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UN Donor Conference Falls Short of $1 Billion Target for Ethiopia's Humanitarian Crisis

UN Donor Conference Falls Short of $1 Billion Target for Ethiopia's Humanitarian Crisis

A United Nations-backed gathering aimed to raise $1 billion for Ethiopia's humanitarian crisis, but only managed to secure pledges of almost $630 million. The United States, Ethiopia's leading humanitarian donor, expressed concerns about its limited resources, while the U.K. warned that Ethiopia may be overshadowed by other global crises. Donors called on the Ethiopian government to ensure that aid is delivered without interference and reaches those in need, following previous issues with diverted food aid.

Ethiopia is facing several conflicts, including a two-year conflict in the Tigray region, and donors urged the government to ensure the full implementation of the November 2022 peace deal and peacefully resolve ongoing conflicts in other regions. The killing of nine aid workers in the Amhara region since April 2022 was also raised, with the US urging the Ethiopian government to do more to protect them.

Why this matters: The humanitarian situation in Ethiopia remains critical, with over 21 million people requiring assistance amid an escalating food shortage. The funding gap between the needs and pledges made at the conference is very wide, highlighting the challenges in addressing the dire consequences of conflict and climate change in the country.

Humanitarian organizations have been forced to scale down life-saving operations due to low funding. The World Bank has raised concerns about the widening income gap between wealthy and impoverished countries. Donors emphasized the critical need for the full implementation of peace agreements, the resolution of conflicts, and the effective delivery of aid without interference to address the urgent needs of vulnerable populations in Ethiopia.

The United States pledged an additional $154 million, bringing its total for the year to $780 million, while the U.K. pledged £100 million ($125 million). However, the UN has said that over $3 billion is needed this year alone to assist the millions affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. The UN and its partners are working to strengthen national systems and provide aid, but face challenges with access and insecurity in conflict-affected regions.

Key Takeaways

  • UN-backed conference raised $630M, falling short of $1B goal for Ethiopia's crisis.
  • The US and UK pledged $154M, and $125M respectively, but $3B was needed to assist 21M affected.
  • Donors urged Ethiopia to ensure aid delivery without interference and resolve conflicts.
  • The killing of 9 aid workers in the Amhara region in April 2022 raised protection urges.
  • The funding gap highlights challenges in addressing conflict and climate impacts in Ethiopia.