12-Year-Old Girl Dies of Heart Attack After School Lockdown in France

Tragic incident in France: 12-year-old girl dies of heart attack after school lockdown due to nearby knife attack on two young students. Authorities investigating, highlighting need for improved school security and mental health support.

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12-Year-Old Girl Dies of Heart Attack After School Lockdown in France

12-Year-Old Girl Dies of Heart Attack After School Lockdown in France

A 12-year-old girl in Souffelweyersheim, France died of a heart attack after her school was locked down when a man stabbed two other schoolgirls, aged 7 and 11, who suffered minor injuries. The 30-year-old suspect was arrested.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when the suspect attacked the two young girls outside a nearby primary school, causing the lockdown at the 12-year-old's middle school. During the lockdown, the girl experienced severe stress, which led to a heart attack that resulted in her death. Teachers tried to save her, but she could not be revived.

The two girls who were stabbed were discharged from the hospital on the same day after being treated for minor injuries. The prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into the attempted murder of minors, though the motivations of the assailant were not immediately clear.

Authorities described the perpetrator as "psychiatrically fragile" and said he had stopped taking his medication. The suspect, who had no criminal record, was not believed to be radicalized, ruling out terrorism as a motive.

Why this matters: The tragic incident highlights the ongoing issue of violence targeting schoolchildren in France. It has prompted renewed calls for improved school security measures and efforts to address mental health issues that can lead to such attacks.

The incident follows a series of attacks on schoolchildren in France in recent years. Just hours before the attack, French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne had delivered a message about cracking down on youth violence and improving school security. The government has announced measures to address the issue, including fining parents of delinquent children, sending rule-breaking minors to boarding schools, and expanding school hours.

The mayor of Souffelweyersheim, Pierre Perrin, expressed shock at the girl's death, saying, "We are devastated by this news, devastated by this tragedy." An investigation is underway, but it is unclear if the 12-year-old had any pre-existing heart conditions. The schools reopened the following day with additional security and psychological support provided for students and staff as they cope with the traumatic event.

Key Takeaways

  • 12-year-old girl died of heart attack during school lockdown in France
  • Lockdown was due to a knife attack on two other schoolgirls nearby
  • Suspect, described as "psychiatrically fragile", was arrested with no criminal record
  • Incident highlights ongoing issue of violence targeting schoolchildren in France
  • Schools reopened with increased security and psychological support for students