French Singer Kendji Girac Seriously Injured in Shooting Incident

French singer Kendji Girac, winner of The Voice France, seriously injured in a gunshot accident at a travelers' camp, raising concerns about gun safety and the impact on the music community.

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French Singer Kendji Girac Seriously Injured in Shooting Incident

French Singer Kendji Girac Seriously Injured in Shooting Incident

Kendji Girac, a popular French singer and winner of the TV singing competition The Voice France in 2014, was seriously injured by a gunshot wound to the chest at a travelers' camp in Biscarrosse, France on Monday, April 22, 2024. The 27-year-old singer was found conscious but in a "very serious condition" outside his caravan around 5:30 AM local time after law enforcement was notified of the incident.

According to initial reports, Girac told first responders that the shooting was a "domestic accident" and mentioned "mishandling" a weapon he had purchased the previous day at a flea market. "The gun was accidentally fired by Girac himself after 'poor handling' of a weapon he had purchased at a flea market the previous day," a source close to the investigation stated. Girac was transported to a hospital in Bordeaux for treatment, where his condition was later stabilized. His life is no longer considered in danger.

Prosecutors have opened a criminal inquiry into the shooting incident, and police have searched the travelers' camp where it occurred. The exact circumstances surrounding the event are still unclear as the investigation continues. Girac's uncle, who goes by the name Emilio, said it was an accident and that Girac was "quietly playing the guitar" when it happened.

Why this matters: The shooting of Kendji Girac, a prominent figure in the French music industry, has shocked fans and raised concerns about gun safety. As a successful artist and defender of the traveling community, the incident highlights the need for greater awareness and responsibility when handling firearms.

Kendji Girac, who is of Catalan gypsy origin, has often spoken about his upbringing in a caravan and becoming a pruner after leaving formal education at 16. He rose to fame after winning The Voice France in 2014 as part of Team Mika and has since released five studio albums, with hits like "Color Gitano," "Andalouse," and "Me Quemo." Despite his success, Girac remains connected to his roots and is known for featuring his family in his music videos.

The shooting incident has sparked a criminal investigation, with police facing difficulties in obtaining information from the camp's residents. As Girac recovers in the hospital, fans and the music community await further details about the circumstances that led to this tragic event. "Kendji is a fighter, and we are all praying for his full recovery," said a representative from Girac's record label. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of gun safety and the impact such events can have on individuals and communities.

Key Takeaways

  • French singer Kendji Girac seriously injured by gunshot wound in travelers' camp.
  • Girac claims shooting was a "domestic accident" due to mishandling a purchased gun.
  • Police investigating the incident, with Girac's condition now stabilized.
  • Shooting raises concerns about gun safety, especially within the traveling community.
  • Girac is a prominent figure in French music, known for his Catalan gypsy roots.