Hundreds of Students Organize Pro-Palestine Protest as French President Macron Speaks at Sorbonne University

Hundreds of Sorbonne students protest Macron's policies, condemn his complicity in Gaza 'genocide'; highlights growing global outcry against Israel's actions.

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Hundreds of Students Protest French President Macron at Sorbonne University

Hundreds of Students Protest French President Macron at Sorbonne University

French President Emmanuel Macron faced protests from hundreds of students at Sorbonne University in Paris, who condemned his policies and complicity in what they called the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The students chanted "Macron, get lost, Sorbonne is not yours," as police intervened.

The protest at Sorbonne University was part of a wave of anti-Zionist demonstrations that have occurred at universities in Europe and the United States in recent days. These protests have faced strong reactions from security forces, with at least 20 students arrested at the University of Texas alone.

The protesting students have called the Israeli army a "terrorist organization" and demanded an end to the war and what they termed a genocide against Gaza. Similar protests condemning Israel's actions and expressing solidarity with Palestinians have taken place at Harvard University, Brown University, the University of Southern California, and other campuses.

Why this matters: The protests at Sorbonne University and other institutions emphasize the growing global outcry against Israel's military actions in Gaza and the complicity of Western leaders like Macron. The involvement of university students highlights the deep passions and divisions the Israeli-Palestinian conflict stirs up, even thousands of miles away from the Middle East.

The protests come at a politically sensitive time for Macron, whose personal popularity has tumbled in recent months. His centrist Renaissance party is trailing the far-right Rassemblement National in polls ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections. Macron had recently outlined his vision for a more assertive European Union on the global stage, calling for stronger, integrated European defenses and warning that the continent must not become a "vassal" of the United States.

Witnesses at Sorbonne University reported that the protesting students, numbering in the hundreds, gathered at Place du Panthéon.

Key Takeaways

  • Hundreds of Sorbonne students protested Macron's policies on Gaza.
  • Protests against Israel's actions in Gaza occurred at universities globally.
  • Protesters called Israeli army a "terrorist organization" and demanded end to war.
  • Protests highlight global outcry against Israel's actions and Macron's complicity.
  • Protests come amid Macron's declining popularity and his vision for a stronger EU.