Léo Coly's 26 Points Not Enough as Montpellier Falls to Castres

Montpellier Hérault Rugby suffered a 27-26 defeat against Castres Olympique despite scrum-half Léo Coly's 26-point performance. Coly took on kicking duties, usually handled by Louis Carbonel, but struggled with wind and poor typing, leading to the team's narrow loss.

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Léo Coly's 26 Points Not Enough as Montpellier Falls to Castres

Léo Coly's 26 Points Not Enough as Montpellier Falls to Castres

Montpellier Hérault Rugby suffered a heartbreaking 27-26 defeat against Castres Olympique on May 13, 2024, despite a standout performance from scrum-half Léo Coly. In an unusual move, Coly took charge of the kicking duties for Montpellier, scoring an impressive 26 points in the narrow loss.

The decision to have Coly handle the kicking responsibilities came as a surprise, as Louis Carbonel, Montpellier's regular kicker and the third-highest scorer in the Top 14 championship, typically handles these duties. However, after a discussion among the team, Carbonel allowed Coly to step in. "On en a discuté entre nous. Louis était moins bien et ça ne me dérangeait pas de dépanner," explained Coly, who finished the match with a 4/7 kicking record.

Despite Coly's impressive point tally, Montpellier struggled to secure the victory. The scrum-half acknowledged the challenges he faced during the match, stating, "J'ai eu des échecs. J'ai été perturbé par le vent, j'ai mal tapé. J'en prends la responsabilité. Ça arrive à tous les buteurs. Aujourd'hui était un jour sans." Coly took responsibility for his misses, citing wind disturbance and poor typing as factors that affected his performance.

The defeat against Castres Olympique adds to Montpellier's recent struggles in the Top 14 championship. The team currently sits in 13th place, with only three matches remaining to secure a 12th-place finish and avoid a potential play-off match. Head coach Patrice Collazo remains focused on the future, stating, "L'état d'esprit qu'on construit va nous servir pour la suite."

Montpellier's upcoming matches against Toulouse, Lyon, and Clermont will be crucial in determining their fate in the Top 14 championship. The team will need to rally together and draw upon their individual qualities, both mental and physical, to overcome their recent setbacks. As Léo Coly emphasized, "C'est la fierté qui doit parler maintenant. Quand tous les lundis tu arrives à l'entraînement la tête à l'envers parce que tu as perdu, on en a plein le c. C'est dur à vivre mais c'est là qu'on va se re souder, qu'on va puiser dans les qualités individuelles de chacun, qu'elles soient mentales ou physiques. Il faut prendre tout ce qui peut nous tirer vers le haut."

Key Takeaways

  • Montpellier Hérault Rugby lost 27-26 to Castres Olympique on May 13, 2024.
  • Scrum-half Léo Coly took kicking duties, scoring 26 points with a 4/7 record.
  • Coly replaced regular kicker Louis Carbonel, who allowed him to step in.
  • Montpellier sits 13th in Top 14, with 3 matches left to avoid a play-off.
  • Coach Patrice Collazo focuses on team spirit to overcome recent struggles.