Climate Activists Stage Hunger Strike Outside German Chancellor's Office

Climate activists in Germany launch hunger strike outside Chancellor's office, demanding urgent action on climate crisis, as government dismisses their "radical" protest.

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Climate Activists Stage Hunger Strike Outside German Chancellor's Office

Climate Activists Stage Hunger Strike Outside German Chancellor's Office

Three climate activists have launched a hunger strike outside the office of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, demanding more honesty from the government regarding the climate crisis. The activists, including biologist Michael Winter, are camped in a tent near the Chancellery in Berlin, calling for Scholz's government to take a more radical approach to fighting climate change.

According to the 'Starve until You are Honest' campaign, the first participant, Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, has not eaten for 40 days, while the second, Richard Cluse, has been without food for over three weeks. The activists argue that the technology exists for Germany to become carbon-neutral, but the government is "ignoring the problem, failure and lies."

The hunger strikers are demanding that Chancellor Scholz issue a government statement acknowledging that the continued existence of human civilization is extremely endangered by the climate crisis. They believe that the Social Democrat (SPD) coalition government led by Scholz needs to make a radical change in policy to address the issue.

Why this matters: The hunger strike highlights the growing frustration among climate activists who believe that governments are not doing enough to address the urgent threat of climate change. The action taken by these activists highlights the need for more aggressive measures to combat global warming and the importance of holding leaders accountable for their climate policies.

The German government has denounced the "radical" form of protest and warned against such actions that can damage one's health. A government spokesperson stated that Scholz will continue to implement his climate policy without following any concrete demands from the activists. In response, the activists criticized the government's response, saying it sounds like the chancellor would prefer to let them die than comment on their demands.

The hunger strike, which the activists claim they can sustain for up to 70 days, serves as a powerful reminder of the urgency of the climate crisis and the growing demand for governments to take more decisive action. As Winter stated, "The technology is there to become carbon-neutral, but the government is ignoring the problem, failure and lies."

Key Takeaways

  • 3 climate activists launch hunger strike outside German Chancellor's office
  • Activists demand govt acknowledge climate crisis threatens human civilization
  • Activists claim Germany has tech to be carbon-neutral, but govt ignores issue
  • Govt denounces "radical" protest, says it won't follow activists' demands
  • Hunger strike highlights urgency of climate crisis and need for action