Archbishop Malzaire Intervenes in Catholic Controversy in Grenada

Archbishop Malzaire intervenes in Grenada Catholic controversy, urging unity and adherence to Church processes as priest seeks to remove Bishop Harvey.

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Archbishop Malzaire Intervenes in Catholic Controversy in Grenada

Archbishop Malzaire Intervenes in Catholic Controversy in Grenada

Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Castries, has intervened in a Catholic controversy unfolding in Grenada. The situation stems from actions that occurred during the annual Chrism Mass on March 27, 2024, which have "brought disrepute to the Church and hurt to the faithful," according to Archbishop Malzaire.

At the center of the controversy is Father Gerald Paul, a priest in Grenada who has announced plans to launch a petition to remove Bishop Clyde Harvey from office. In response, Archbishop Malzaire has stated unequivocally that Bishop Harvey is the rightfully appointed bishop of the Diocese of St George's-in-Grenada and his instructions must be adhered to.

Why this matters: The intervention by Archbishop Malzaire, as the Metropolitan Archbishop, highlights the gravity of the situation and the potential impact on the unity of the Catholic Church in Grenada. The controversy raises questions about the authority of appointed bishops and the proper channels for addressing grievances within the Church hierarchy.

Archbishop Malzaire expressed deep sadness over the situation, which he sees as a "continued public display of disregard for the Church's leadership, policies, and processes." He emphasized that any objections to Bishop Harvey's actions must follow the internal processes of the Church and that the removal of a bishop must adhere to due process.

The archbishop has offered to hear and consider any objections from Father Paul regarding his suspension or complaints against Bishop Harvey. However, he stressed that the Church's system of laws and procedures must be respected.

In his statement, Archbishop Malzaire urged all the faithful in the diocese to join him in prayer for the bishop, clergy, and lay faithful, "so that the present tension may soon give way to a stronger, united Christian community." He called on the Catholic community in Grenada to work towards healing and unity during this challenging time.

Key Takeaways

  • Archbishop Malzaire intervened in a Catholic controversy in Grenada.
  • Fr. Paul plans to petition to remove Bishop Harvey, the rightful bishop.
  • Malzaire stated Bishop Harvey's instructions must be followed.
  • Objections must follow Church's internal processes, not public displays.
  • Malzaire urged the faithful to pray for unity and healing in the diocese.