73 Trains Cancelled as Farmers Protest at Shambhu Railway Station in Punjab

Farmers' protest at Shambhu railway station in Punjab disrupts 73 trains, causing financial losses and inconveniencing passengers. Protesters demand release of arrested farmers, threaten further action if demands not met.

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73 Trains Cancelled as Farmers Protest at Shambhu Railway Station in Punjab

73 Trains Cancelled as Farmers Protest at Shambhu Railway Station in Punjab

As many as 73 trains on the Ambala-Amritsar route were cancelled on Sunday as farmers continued to protest at the Shambhu railway station in Punjab's Patiala district for the fifth day.

The farmers, protesting under the banner of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (Non-Political) and Kisan Mazdoor Morcha (KMM), are demanding the release of three farmers arrested by the Haryana Police during the ongoing stir.

The cancellation of trains over the last five days has caused financial losses and inconvenienced passengers, with many trains also being diverted due to the protest. The farmers have been staying put at the Shambhu and Khanauri border points between Punjab and Haryana since February 13, when their 'Delhi Chalo' march was stopped by the security forces.

Around 159 trains were impacted due to the rail roko protest, with 84 trains being cancelled. In the four days of the protest, 600 trains have been affected, and refunds amounting to Rs 36 lakh have been given over the counter to the affected passengers.

The farmers have said the protest will continue until the three farmers are released. They have also threatened to start another indefinite dharna at the Khatkar toll plaza in Jind district of Haryana from Monday onwards if the arrests are not revoked.

Why this matters: The ongoing farmers' protest at Shambhu railway station has caused significant disruptions to train services and inconvenienced thousands of passengers. The protest highlights the ongoing tensions between farmers and the government over agricultural policies and the arrest of farmers during previous demonstrations.

Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher, who is leading the protest, stated, "We will continue our protest until the arrested farmers are released. The government must listen to our demands and stop the harassment of farmers who are fighting for their rights." The railways have urged the protesters to vacate the tracks and allow the resumption of train services, emphasizing the impact on passengers and the economy.

Key Takeaways

  • 73 trains on Ambala-Amritsar route cancelled due to farmers' protest in Punjab
  • Farmers demand release of 3 arrested colleagues, protest at Shambhu railway station
  • Protest causes financial losses, inconvenience to passengers, 600 trains affected
  • Farmers threaten indefinite dharna at Khatkar toll plaza if arrests not revoked
  • Railways urge protesters to vacate tracks, allow resumption of train services