Actor Adil Hussain Regrets Starring in 'Kabir Singh', Walks Out of Theatre After 20 Minutes

Celebrated Indian actor Adil Hussain regrets starring in the controversial Bollywood film 'Kabir Singh', citing its misogynistic portrayal. His public stance reignites the debate on filmmakers' accountability in shaping social attitudes.

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Actor Adil Hussain Regrets Starring in 'Kabir Singh', Walks Out of Theatre After 20 Minutes

Actor Adil Hussain Regrets Starring in 'Kabir Singh', Walks Out of Theatre After 20 Minutes

Adil Hussain, a celebrated Indian actor recognized for his roles in highly praised films, has voiced regret over his decision to star in the 2019 Bollywood movie 'Kabir Singh'. The film, which was a commercial success, has been widely criticized for its portrayal of toxic masculinity and misogyny.

In a recent interview, Hussain revealed that he walked out of the theatre just 20 minutes into watching 'Kabir Singh'. "I couldn't watch it beyond 20 minutes," he said. "It was too misogynistic for me. I regretted being a part of it."

Hussain played the role of the protagonist's elder brother in the film. Despite his limited screen time, the actor now feels that his association with the project was a mistake. "I don't want to be a part of films that glorify such behavior," he stated.

'Kabir Singh', a remake of the Telugu film 'Arjun Reddy', tells the story of a surgeon who spirals into self-destructive behavior after his girlfriend is forced to marry someone else. The film faced backlash for its depiction of the lead character's aggressive and possessive actions towards his love interest.

Hussain's comments have reignited the debate surrounding the film's content and its impact on audiences. Many critics have argued that 'Kabir Singh' normalizes and romanticizes abusive relationships, sending a harmful message to viewers.

Why this matters:The debate surrounding 'Kabir Singh' emphasizes the continuous discourse about the accountability of filmmakers and actors in influencing social attitudes. Hussain's public regret over his involvement in the film underscores the importance of critically examining the content and messages conveyed through popular media.

In light of the criticism, the film's director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, had defended his artistic choices, stating that the movie was meant to be a fictional account and not a moral guide. However, many in the industry, including Hussain, believe that films have a significant influence on people's perceptions and behavior.

As the discussion persists, Hussain's position serves as an acknowledgment of the necessity for increased sensitivity and accountability in storytelling. His decision to speak out against the film's problematic elements has been lauded by those advocating for more progressive and inclusive narratives in cinema.

Key Takeaways

  • Adil Hussain regrets starring in the 2019 film 'Kabir Singh' due to its misogynistic portrayal.
  • Hussain walked out of the theater after 20 minutes, calling the film "too misogynistic".
  • 'Kabir Singh' faced backlash for normalizing abusive relationships and toxic masculinity.
  • Hussain's regret highlights the need for accountability in filmmaking and its social impact.
  • The debate surrounding 'Kabir Singh' emphasizes the responsibility of creators in shaping public perceptions.