Fayaz Arrested for Stabbing Neha Hiremath to Death in Karnataka College

"A college dropout allegedly stabbed a 23-year-old MCA student to death in Karnataka, sparking protests and a political row over 'love jihad'. The case highlights the need for swift justice and addressing communal tensions."

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Fayaz Arrested for Stabbing Neha Hiremath to Death in Karnataka College

Fayaz Arrested for Stabbing Neha Hiremath to Death in Karnataka College

Fayaz Khondunaik, a 23-year-old college dropout, was arrested for allegedly stabbing Neha Hiremath, a 23-year-old first-year MCA student, to death at Hubbali's BVB College in Karnataka, India in April 2024. The incident triggered widespread protests and public outrage across the state.

According to Neha's father, Niranjan Hiremath, a Congress corporator, Fayaz had proposed to Neha but she rejected him due to their different castes. Hiremath claimed that Fayaz stabbed Neha out of anger over the rejection. However, Fayaz's mother, Mumtaz, stated that her son was in a romantic relationship with Neha for about a year and that Neha had approached Fayaz first.

The murder led to a political slugfest between the ruling Congress party and opposition BJP in Karnataka. Several Hindutva outfits and the BJP termed it a case of 'love jihad' and cited the incident to corner the Congress government over its handling of law and order in the state. Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi also criticized the Congress government following the murder.

However, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah strongly denied the 'love jihad' angle in the ongoing investigation. He stated that the BJP is unnecessarily politicizing the case and using it for political gains. Siddaramaiah assured that the government will ensure stringent punishment for the killer.

Two youths were also arrested for posting content on social media claiming that Neha and Fayaz were in a relationship, which the complainants alleged was an attempt to justify the murder. Fayaz's parents, Baba Saheb Subani and Mamtaz, both school teachers, have apologized to Neha's family and demanded strict punishment for their son.

Why this matters:

Karnataka's Industries Minister MB Patil condemned the murder and called for the accused to receive capital punishment, stating that such heinous crimes should be dealt with swiftly through

Key Takeaways

  • Neha Hiremath, 23, murdered by college dropout Fayaz over rejected marriage proposal
  • Fayaz's parents claim Neha approached him first, but Neha's father cites caste difference
  • BJP alleges 'love jihad', Congress denies and accuses BJP of politicizing the case
  • Two youths arrested for social media posts justifying the murder
  • Fayaz's parents apologize and demand strict punishment, Karnataka minister calls for death penalty