Four Brutally Murdered in Gadag, Karnataka; Municipal Council VP's Son Among Victims

Shocking murders in Gadag, Karnataka: 4 killed, including city council leader's son. Police investigating, seeking culprits. Community shaken, calls for swift action and justice.

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Four Brutally Murdered in Gadag, Karnataka; Municipal Council VP's Son Among Victims

Four Brutally Murdered in Gadag, Karnataka; Municipal Council VP's Son Among Victims

In a shocking incident, four individuals, including the son of Gadag-Betageri City Municipal Council vice president Sunanda Bakale, were brutally murdered with lethal weapons on Thursday night in Dasara Oni near Channamma Circle, Gadag, Karnataka. The deceased have been identified as Kartik Bakale, 27, and three others from Koppal - Parashuram, 55, his wife Lakshmi, 45, and their daughter Akanksha, 16.

According to the police, the perpetrators allegedly climbed onto the AC unit and entered the first floor of the Bakale residence, where they fatally attacked the family members who had gathered for Kartik's upcoming wedding on April 17. Prakash Bakale, the house owner, immediately alerted the police, but the miscreants had already fled the scene.

The killings have deeply unsettled the residents of the city. In response to the tragic incident, District in-charge Minister H K Patil, SP B S Nemagouda, and ASP M B Sankad visited the site. Forensic experts and dog squads arrived on Friday morning to collect samples from the crime scene as part of the ongoing investigation.

Why this matters: The brutal murder of four individuals, including a prominent municipal council leader's son, has sent shockwaves through the community and raised concerns about safety and security in the area. The incident highlights the need for swift action by law enforcement to apprehend the perpetrators and restore a sense of justice and peace in Gadag.

Minister H K Patil expressed his condolences to the bereaved family and assured them of a thorough investigation. "The police are investigating the case from all angles, and the reason for the murders is not yet known," he stated. The bodies of the victims were taken to the GIMS hospital for autopsy, with Karthik's last rites being conducted in Gadag while the bodies of Parashuram and his family were sent to Koppal. The police have formed different teams to nab the culprits and are collecting CCTV footage to identify them.

Key Takeaways

  • 4 people, including city council VP's son, brutally murdered in Gadag, Karnataka.
  • Perpetrators allegedly entered the house and attacked the family members.
  • Incident has deeply unsettled the local community, raising safety concerns.
  • Police investigating the case, collecting CCTV footage to identify the culprits.
  • Minister expresses condolences, assures thorough investigation to apprehend the perpetrators.