Greater Noida Police Bust Three Meth Labs Run by Foreigners, Seize Over 100 kg of Drugs

Greater Noida police uncover international drug syndicate, arrest 4 Nigerians, seize 26.67 kg MDMA worth ₹100 crore. Highlights growing concern of foreign nationals exploiting residential areas for illicit drug operations.

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Greater Noida Police Bust Three Meth Labs Run by Foreigners, Seize Over 100 kg of Drugs

Greater Noida Police Bust Three Meth Labs Run by Foreigners, Seize Over 100 kg of Drugs

Greater Noida police have uncovered a major international drug syndicate operating in the region, with the bust of three methamphetamine labs run by foreign nationals in rented properties over the past year. The latest raid on April 17, 2024, led to the arrest of four Nigerian nationals and the seizure of 26.67 kg of MDMA, valued at approximately Rs 100 crore.

Investigations revealed that the drug manufacturing and distribution network was primarily operated by individuals from Nigeria, who cooked the methamphetamine in pure form inside isolated rented houses in Greater Noida. The finished product was then sent to their contacts in Delhi for export to Europe. Police officials noted that Greater Noida's less-dense residential areas, easy connectivity to Delhi, and availability of certain raw materials like Ephedrine, which are restricted abroad, made it a suitable location for the illicit drug operation.

In two previous raids conducted in May 2023, the Greater Noida police recovered over 75 kg of MDMA valued at more than Rs 350 crore and arrested around a dozen foreign nationals. These operations also uncovered fully equipped meth labs in residential properties.

Why this matters: The bust of multiple meth labs and arrest of foreign nationals involved in large-scale drug manufacturing and distribution highlights the growing concern of international drug syndicates exploiting residential areas in NCR. The seizure of drugs valued at hundreds of crores underscores the magnitude of the problem and the need for heightened vigilance and coordinated efforts to combat such illegal activities.

According to the police, the foreign nationals employed creative methods to conceal and transport the drugs, using lesser-known shopping apps for parceling and various packaging techniques to evade detection during international smuggling operations. Law enforcement officials suspect that these incidents may represent just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger drug syndicate active in the region.

The recent raid on April 17 in the Omicron-1 residential area was prompted by a tip-off, leading to the discovery of a massive meth lab. Documents seized revealed that only two of the four arrested Nigerian nationals possessed valid passports, while the others lacked proper documentation. "The rental agreement for the property had been signed just two weeks prior to the raid," a police official stated.</p

Key Takeaways

  • Police uncovered 3 meth labs run by foreign nationals in Greater Noida.
  • Latest raid seized 26.67 kg of MDMA worth Rs 100 crore, 4 Nigerians arrested.
  • Previous raids recovered 75 kg MDMA worth Rs 350 crore, a dozen foreigners arrested.
  • Meth labs exploited Greater Noida's residential areas, raw material availability.
  • Seized evidence suggests a larger international drug syndicate operating in the region.