Malayalam Horror-Drama 'Neelavelicham' Uncovers Haunting Secrets on Amazon Prime Video

"Neelavelicham," a Malayalam horror-drama-thriller, follows a writer's haunting journey into the tragic tale of Bhargavi Nilayam, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Captivating regional cinema showcasing the industry's talent.

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Malayalam Horror-Drama 'Neelavelicham' Uncovers Haunting Secrets on Amazon Prime Video

Malayalam Horror-Drama 'Neelavelicham' Uncovers Haunting Secrets on Amazon Prime Video

The Malayalam horror-drama-thriller film 'Neelavelicham,' directed by Aashiq Abu, has premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The movie follows the story of a young writer named Basheer, played by Tovino Thomas, who stays in the haunted Bhargavi Nilayam mansion and uncovers the tragic tale of Bhargavi, portrayed by Rima Kallingal.

Basheer, a gifted and free-spirited writer, arrives at the abandoned mansion to write a story. However, he soon realizes that there is more to the haunting than meets the eye. As he investigates further into the mystery, Basheer reveals the tragic story of Bhargavi and the secrets that lie within the walls of Bhargavi Nilayam.

The film also features Roshan Mathew in a supporting role, adding depth to the intriguing narrative. 'Neelavelicham' combines elements of horror, drama, and thriller genres to create a captivating cinematic experience for viewers.

Why this matters: 'Neelavelicham' showcases the talent and creativity of the Malayalam film industry, bringing a compelling story to a global audience through Amazon Prime Video. The film's release on the streaming platform highlights the growing reach and popularity of regional Indian cinema.

With its release on Amazon Prime Video, 'Neelavelicham' joins the platform's extensive library of popular movies and TV shows, including a diverse range of content from the horror-drama genre. The film's availability on the streaming service allows viewers worldwide to experience the haunting tale of Bhargavi Nilayam and the journey of Basheer as he uncovers the mansion's secrets.

'Neelavelicham' promises to take audiences on a thrilling and emotionally resonant journey as Basheer navigates the haunted mansion and reveals the tragic story of Bhargavi. With its talented cast, atmospheric setting, and gripping narrative, the film is set to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impact on the horror-drama genre in Malayalam cinema.

Key Takeaways

  • Malayalam film 'Neelavelicham' premieres on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Follows writer Basheer's stay in haunted Bhargavi Nilayam mansion.
  • Uncovers tragic tale of Bhargavi, played by Rima Kallingal.
  • Features Tovino Thomas and Roshan Mathew in lead roles.
  • Showcases Malayalam cinema's talent and reach on global platform.