Rahul Gandhi Promises Poverty Eradication, Attacks BJP Over Corruption

Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav vow to eradicate poverty and fight corruption if INDIA alliance wins 2024 elections. They accuse PM Modi of being the "champion of corruption" and criticize the electoral bonds scheme.

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Rahul Gandhi Promises Poverty Eradication, Attacks BJP Over Corruption

Rahul Gandhi Promises Poverty Eradication, Attacks BJP Over Corruption

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav held a joint press conference in Ghaziabad on Monday, two days before the first phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Gandhi promised to eradicate poverty in India "in one stroke" if the Congress-led INDIA alliance comes to power, while also launching a scathing attack on the BJP government over corruption allegations.

Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being the "pm, champion, corruption " and criticized the now-scrapped electoral bonds scheme, calls, electoral, bonds, world, biggest, extortion. He dismissed Modi's claim that the scheme was brought for transparency as a "scripted and flop show," questioning why the Supreme Court had to strike it down if it was meant to clean up politics.

Yadav also targeted the BJP over the electoral bonds issue, saying it has exposed the party and made it a "godown of all corrupts." He predicted a "western disturbance" that would disrupt the BJP's plans across India in the upcoming elections.

Both leaders expressed confidence in the INDIA alliance's prospects, with Gandhi claiming that ground reports suggest the BJP will be reduced, seats, opposition . They outlined the alliance's common vision, which includes guaranteeing minimum support prices for farmers, creating government jobs to address unemployment, and implementing direct cash transfer schemes for vulnerable populations.

Gandhi clarified that the Congress did not claim poverty would end "all at once," but strong efforts towards that goal were possible. The party's election manifesto includes measures such as a legal right to apprenticeship, ₹1 lakh to poor women, and a legal guarantee on MSP.

Why this matters:The 2024 Lok Sabha time are a pivotal test for both the BJP-led NDA government and the opposition INDIA alliance. The outcome will determine the direction of India's economic and social policies in the coming years, with issues like poverty, unemployment, and corruption taking center stage in the campaign.

The Congress and its INDIA allies are contesting 80 seats in the politically vital state of Uttar Pradesh. Gandhi's promise to eradicate poverty "in one stroke" is a key part of their election manifesto and a major campaign pledge. As Yadav noted, the alliance's vision includes measures like ensuring remunerative prices for farmers' crops to help end poverty. The coming together of prominent opposition leaders like Gandhi and Yadav is expected to impact elections across Uttar Pradesh, especially in the western region where polling begins on April 19.

Key Takeaways

  • Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav vow to eradicate poverty if INDIA alliance wins 2024 polls
  • Gandhi accuses PM Modi of being "champion of corruption", slams electoral bonds scheme
  • Yadav predicts "western disturbance" to disrupt BJP's plans in upcoming elections
  • INDIA alliance promises minimum support prices for farmers, govt jobs, cash transfers
  • 2024 polls crucial test for BJP and opposition, to shape India's economic, social policies