Tragic Bike Crash in Visakhapatnam Kills Two, Injures One

A speeding motorcycle carrying three riders crashed into a flyover wall in Visakhapatnam, India, killing two and severely injuring one. The riders, who ignored warning signs, were thrown 40 feet to the road below, with the incident captured on CCTV cameras.

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Tragic Bike Crash in Visakhapatnam Kills Two, Injures One

Tragic Bike Crash in Visakhapatnam Kills Two, Injures One

A horrific road accident on the NAD flyover in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, has resulted in the deaths of two young riders and left a third severely injured. The incident occurred on Saturday night when a speeding motorcycle carrying three individuals crashed into the parapet wall of the flyover.

Why this matters: This tragic accident highlights the need for stricter enforcement of road safety measures and the importance of responsible driving habits. It also underscores the significance of adhering to traffic rules and warning signs, which can help prevent such devastating incidents.

The chilling crash was video captured on CCTV cameras, and the disturbing footage has since surfaced online. The video shows the bike entering the flyover at an extremely high speed before the rider loses, control and slams into the wall, tossing the three riders 40 feet down to the road below.

caught, two, youths, one, video Two of the riders, identified as Thanavarapu Kumar and A Pavan Kumar, were declared dead at the scene. The third rider survived the fall but suffered severe injuries. He was rushed to King George Hospital, where he is currently undergoing treatment.

According to local media reports, the three youths were returning home from a birthday party when the accident occurred. While some reports claimed the trio was allegedly drunk, these claims have not been officially confirmed. The Airport Police have registered a case and launched an investigation into the incident.

The NAD flyover, primarily meant for heavy transport vehicles, has signboards warning two-wheelers not to use the bridge. However, the trio ignored these warnings, leading to the tragic accident. Social media users expressed shock and horror at the incident, with many sharing the disturbing alongside the hashtags #RoadSafety and #AndhraPradesh.

This devastating accident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of speeding and the importance of adhering to traffic rules. "When we give licenses like movie tickets, they will throw their lives after the show is over," tweeted IndianDriversTeam_Road_Squad in response to the incident, highlighting the need for stricter licensing and enforcement of road safety measures.

Key Takeaways

  • 2 young riders died, 1 severely injured in a motorcycle crash on NAD flyover in Visakhapatnam, India.
  • The accident occurred when the speeding bike crashed into the parapet wall of the flyover.
  • The riders ignored warning signs not to use the bridge, meant for heavy transport vehicles.
  • The incident highlights the need for stricter road safety measures and responsible driving habits.
  • The crash was captured on CCTV cameras and has sparked outrage on social media.