Wardah Khan Secures 18th Rank in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2023

Noida resident Wardah Khan secures 18th rank in UPSC 2023, inspiring aspiring civil servants with her dedication and hard work. Her journey from corporate job to IFS dream highlights increasing diversity in India's prestigious services.

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Wardah Khan Secures 18th Rank in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2023

Wardah Khan Secures 18th Rank in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2023

Wardah Khan, a 24-year-old resident of Noida, has secured the 18th rank in the highly competitive Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination 2023. The results, announced on Tuesday, saw Aditya Srivastava and Animesh Pradhan securing the top two positions, followed by Donuru Ananya Reddy at the third spot.

Khan, who pursued her Bachelor's in Commerce (Honours) from Khalsa College, Delhi University, had previously worked in the corporate sector for eight months before deciding to quit her job to pursue her civil services dream. She has opted for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) as her first preference, expressing her desire to further India's image on global platforms and assist the Indian diaspora abroad.

Despite not expecting to secure a top 20 rank, Khan is elated with the achievement, which she describes as a "dreamy feeling" for her and her family. She credits her success to being thorough with NCERT and Polity books, as well as proper preparation of the mains syllabus and optional subjects.

Khan developed an interest in geopolitics and subjects like history and polity during her college days. She realized her passion for civil services during her corporate job tenure and decided to pursue it, quitting her corporate job . Khan prepared at home and also took online coaching for a year.

Why this matters: The success story of Wardah Khan serves as an inspiration for aspiring civil servants, highlighting the importance of dedication, hard work, and proper preparation in achieving one's goals. It also highlights the increasing representation of women and diverse communities in the prestigious civil services.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination was held in May 2023, with the Mains conducted in September and the personality tests from January to April 2024. A total of 1,016 candidates, including 664 men and 352 women, have been recommended for appointment to various central government services, including the IAS, IPS, and IFS. The overall pass percentage of women has seen an uptick in recent years, with 10 women making their mark among the top 25 toppers in the 2023 examination.

Key Takeaways

  • Wardah Khan, 24, secured 18th rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023.
  • She quit her corporate job to pursue civil services dream, opting for IFS.
  • Khan credits success to thorough preparation of NCERT, Polity, and optional subjects.
  • UPSC 2023 saw 1,016 candidates recommended, including 352 women.
  • Khan's story inspires aspiring civil servants, highlighting women's growing representation.