7 Dead in Jakarta Frame Shop Fire, Trapped on Upper Floors with Only One Exit

Deadly fire in Jakarta frame shop claims 7 lives, highlighting need for better fire safety measures and evacuation routes in commercial buildings.

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7 Dead in Jakarta Frame Shop Fire, Trapped on Upper Floors with Only One Exit

7 Dead in Jakarta Frame Shop Fire, Trapped on Upper Floors with Only One Exit

A devastating fire at a frame shop on Jalan Mampang Prapatan Raya in South Jakarta has claimed the lives of seven people who were trapped on the upper levels of the five-story building. The Jakarta Fire Department highlighted that the shop had only one access point, which contributed to the high death toll.

Among the victims were a family of four, including a 75-year-old man, a 39-year-old woman, and their two children aged 2 and 7. Three female domestic assistants, aged 25, 22, and 18, also died in the fire. The victims suffered severe burns, with up to 90% of their bodies affected.

The fire broke out on the night of April 18, 2024, and quickly spread due to the presence of flammable materials like wood, thinner, and paint. Witness accounts suggest that the fire started in the basement when workers were using gasoline to get rid of termites near a compressor machine, causing a spark that ignited the flames.

Why this matters: This tragic incident underscores the importance of proper fire safety measures and adequate evacuation routes in commercial buildings. It also raises concerns about the use of flammable substances in confined spaces without proper precautions.

The Jakarta Police Hospital successfully identified all seven victims using dental records and personal belongings. Five of the bodies have been handed over to their families for burial in various locations, including Bogor, Lampung, and Wonogiri.

The Jakarta Police are currently investigating the cause of the fire, with the Forensic Laboratory Center (Puslabfor) of the National Police Headquarters set to conduct a crime scene investigation on April 22, 2024. The injured survivors are receiving medical treatment at local hospitals.

Mampang Prapatan Subdistrict Head stated, "Fires in the area are rare, and this incident is truly heartbreaking. Going forward, we will ensure that business owners are more vigilant against potential fires and provide alternative evacuation routes, not just relying on the front door." The district official pledged to work with relevant parties to <a href="https://www.kompas.id/baca/english/2024/04/20/

Key Takeaways

  • Fire at frame shop in Jakarta kills 7 trapped on upper floors
  • Victims include family of 4 and 3 domestic assistants, with severe burns
  • Fire started in basement due to improper use of flammable materials
  • Lack of evacuation routes contributed to high death toll
  • Police investigating cause, survivors receiving medical treatment