Chinese Tourist Dies After Falling into Ijen Crater in Indonesia

A Chinese tourist tragically died after falling 75 meters into the Ijen Crater in Indonesia while posing for photos, despite warnings from authorities about the hazardous nature of the site. Authorities are now working to repatriate the victim's body.

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Chinese Tourist Dies After Falling into Ijen Crater in Indonesia

Chinese Tourist Dies After Falling into Ijen Crater in Indonesia

A 31-year-old female Chinese tourist died after slipping and falling into the Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia on April 20, 2024. The incident occurred while the tourist was posing for photos on a branch at the edge of the crater.

The victim, identified as HL, had gone down into the crater and then climbed back up to watch the sunset. While taking photos on the edge of the crater, she slipped and fell approximately 75 meters into the ravine below. "The incident was an accident," confirmed Dwi Putro Sugiarto, head of the Conservation Section for Region V Banyuwangi. "We had previously warned tourists to be careful when climbing Mount Ijen."

It took rescuers two hours to retrieve the body from the ravine. The victim sustained multiple injuries and a fractured left leg from the fall. Police have ruled the death as accidental.

The victim's body was taken to the Blambangan Regional General Hospital. Plans are underway to transport the body to Bali before arranging an air transfer back to China.

Why this matters: The tragic incident underscores the risks tourists can encounter when visiting natural attractions and the significance of exercising caution. It functions as a somber reminder for travelers to prioritize safety and heed warnings from local authorities when exploring unfamiliar terrain.

Sugiarto stated that this unfortunate accident should remind all tourists to put safety first when climbing Mount Ijen. The Chinese tourist was part of a guided tour to the Ijen Volcano when she was cautioned about the hazardous nature of the spot, but still tragically fell to her death. Authorities are now making arrangements to repatriate her body back to her home country.

Key Takeaways

  • 31-year-old Chinese tourist died after falling into Ijen Crater in Indonesia.
  • Victim slipped while posing for photos on the crater's edge, fell 75m.
  • Rescuers retrieved victim's body with multiple injuries, fractured left leg.
  • Police ruled death as accidental, authorities warned tourists about crater's dangers.
  • Victim's body to be transported to Bali, then repatriated to China.