Tamara Tyasmara Expresses Disappointment Over Lack of Apology in Son's Death Case

Indonesian celebrity Tamara Tyasmara seeks justice for her son's death, faces intimidation from ex-boyfriend Yudha Arfandi's family, who believe he is innocent despite evidence. Highlights the challenges victims' families face in high-profile cases.

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Tamara Tyasmara Expresses Disappointment Over Lack of Apology in Son's Death Case

Tamara Tyasmara Expresses Disappointment Over Lack of Apology in Son's Death Case

Tamara Tyasmara, an Indonesian celebrity, has voiced her disappointment over the absence of an apology from her ex-boyfriend Yudha Arfandi and his family regarding the death of her son Dante in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tamara had a two-year relationship with Yudha Arfandi, making her familiar with his family members.

Since Yudha Arfandi became a suspect in Dante's death case, Tamara has been subjected to numerous intimidations and threats, which she believes are coming from Yudha's family. The intimidating acts range from comments on her social media posts to text messages, particularly when she shares content about seeking justice for her son's death. "Yudha Arfandi's family believes he is innocent despite the video evidence," Tamara stated.

During the reconstruction of the case, Tamara received unpleasant treatment from parties suspected to be Yudha's family members, who accused her of lying about her son's death. She found their behavior inappropriate, as they were acting like victims despite being suspects in the case. Tamara confirmed seeing Yudha's aunt and sister present at the reconstruction.

A banner expressing support for Yudha Arfandi was displayed during the police reconstruction of the swimming pool incident that led to Dante's death. Tamara found this upsetting, as she believes she should be the one seeking justice for her child's death. She recognized some of the people holding the banner as Yudha's family members from her previous relationship with him.

Why this matters: The case highlights the emotional toll and challenges faced by victims' families in their pursuit of justice, particularly when the suspects are well-known individuals or have influential connections. It also underscores the importance of proper conduct and empathy from all parties involved in such sensitive cases.

Tamara has had to increase security at her home due to the threats and intimidation. Although she has not yet filed a police report, she stated that she will not hesitate to take legal action if the situation escalates and interferes with her life. "Yudha's family has shown no good intentions so far," Tamara remarked, expressing her determination to pursue the case until it is resolved. She is awaiting updates on the progress of the case, hoping it will reach the trial stage soon.

Key Takeaways

  • Indonesian celebrity Tamara Tyasmara's son Dante died, ex-boyfriend Yudha is a suspect.
  • Tamara faces intimidation and threats from Yudha's family, who believe he is innocent.
  • Tamara witnessed inappropriate behavior from Yudha's family during the case reconstruction.
  • Tamara has increased home security and may take legal action if threats escalate.
  • The case highlights challenges victims' families face when suspects have influential connections.