Locals Oppose Plans to Reroute Ballincollig's 233 Bus Service

Proposed changes to the 233 bus route in Ballincollig, Ireland, would reroute buses through Main Street, bypassing rural areas and housing estates. Local residents and a Sinn Féin candidate oppose the plan, citing the need for accessible bus services in these communities.

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Locals Oppose Plans to Reroute Ballincollig's 233 Bus Service

Locals Oppose Plans to Reroute Ballincollig's 233 Bus Service

Proposed changes to the 233 bus route in Ballincollig have sparked backlash, new, could, leave opposition from local residents who argue the new route would leave rural communities and housing estates along the town's back road and Lee Road without bus services. The National Transport Authority plans to reroute all 233 buses through Ballincollig's Main Street, bypassing the current route that serves multiple rural areas.

Why this matters: This decision has broader implications for public transportation policy, highlighting the need for authorities to balance efficiency with accessibility and community needs. If implemented, it could set a precedent for similar route changes in other areas, potentially affecting thousands of commuters.

The 233 bus currently provides crucial public transport links for communities located a 20-minute walk away from the nearest stop on the 220 route, which is Ballincollig's busiest bus service. Sinn Féin local election candidate Joe Lynch slammed the rerouting decision as "ludicrous," emphasizing that it would strip the Lee Road of any bus service and force residents who rely on public transport into their cars.

"All of the housing estates along this route are a twenty minute walk from bus stops served by the main 220 route in Ballincollig, and these communities are in dire need of accessible bus services," Lynch stated. "Many people living in these areas who want to take public transport are being forced into their cars due to the lack of bus services."

Lynch argued that with demand for public transport at an all-time high, withdrawing bus services in this manner is "unfathomable." He called for the National Transport Authority to instead ensure more buses and a proper timetable are implemented for these routes to adequately serve the affected communities.

"At a time when there is more demand than ever for public transport, it is unfathomable that services would be withdrawn in this way," Lynch said. "This should be the chance to ensure that more buses and a proper timetable are put in place for these routes, not to remove much-needed services from communities."

CorkBeo has reached out to the National Transport Authority for comment on the proposed 233 bus route changes and the backlash from Ballincollig residents. The NTA's response and any potential revisions to the rerouting plans are pending as locals await further developments on the future of bus services in their community.

Key Takeaways

  • Proposed 233 bus route changes in Ballincollig spark backlash from local residents.
  • New route would bypass rural areas and housing estates, leaving them without bus services.
  • Residents argue change would force them to use cars, contradicting public transport goals.
  • Local election candidate Joe Lynch calls for more buses and a proper timetable instead.
  • National Transport Authority's response and potential revisions are pending.