Israeli Forces Begin Withdrawal from Joseph's Tomb and Eastern Nablus

Israeli forces withdraw from Joseph's Tomb in Nablus after clashes with Palestinians, highlighting the complex religious tensions in the region. The move's impact on the situation remains to be seen.

Quadri Adejumo
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Israeli Forces Begin Withdrawal from Joseph's Tomb and Eastern Nablus

Israeli Forces Begin Withdrawal from Joseph's Tomb and Eastern Nablus

Israeli forces have started withdrawing from Joseph's Tomb and the eastern part of Nablus, according to local sources on the ground. The withdrawal comes after several days of intense clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian residents in the area.

Joseph's Tomb, a holy site revered by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, has been a flashpoint for violence in recent years. The tomb is located in the Palestinian city of Nablus, which is under the control of the Palestinian Authority. However, the Israeli military regularly escorts Jewish worshippers to the site, often leading to confrontations with local Palestinians.

The recent clashes erupted after a group of Jewish settlers, accompanied by Israeli soldiers, attempted to visit the tomb. Palestinian protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the Israeli forces, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. At least 20 Palestinians were injured in the clashes, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

The Israeli military has not yet commented on the reasons behind the withdrawal or provided any details about the current situation in the area. The Palestinian Authority has long called for Israel to hand over control of Joseph's Tomb, arguing that the site should be accessible to all faiths without the need for military escorts.

Why this matters: The ongoing tensions surrounding Joseph's Tomb highlight the complex and often volatile nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The site's religious significance for multiple faiths and its location in a Palestinian-controlled city make it a microcosm of the broader challenges facing the middle east.

As the Israeli forces withdraw from the area, it remains to be seen whether the move will lead to a de-escalation of tensions or if clashes will continue. "We hope that this withdrawal will help restore calm and allow for peaceful visits to the holy site by people of all faiths," said a local Palestinian official who wished to remain anonymous. The coming days will be critical in determining the impact of the Israeli pullback on the situation in Nablus and the wider West Bank.

Key Takeaways

  • Israeli forces withdraw from Joseph's Tomb and eastern Nablus after clashes.
  • Joseph's Tomb is a holy site for Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the West Bank.
  • Clashes erupted after Jewish settlers accompanied by soldiers tried to visit the tomb.
  • At least 20 Palestinians were injured in the clashes with Israeli forces.
  • The withdrawal's impact on tensions remains to be seen in the coming days.