Pro-Palestine Protesters Clash with Police Outside Sen. Schumer's Home, Many Arrested

Pro-Palestine protesters clash with police outside Sen. Schumer's home, opposing $26B US aid to Israel, as tensions escalate on college campuses over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Pro-Palestine Protesters Clash with Police Outside Sen. Schumer's Home, 100 Arrested

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Around 100 pro-Palestine protesters were arrested after clashing with police outside Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's Brooklyn home on the second night of Passover. The protesters, organized by progressive Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, were rallying against U.S. military support for Israel as the Senate was poised to authorize aid to the country.

The protest marked a distinctly different Passover celebration for many Jewish people in New York City and beyond, as the Israel-Hamas conflict has spread through college campuses and family dinner tables. At Columbia University, classes were moved online due to safety concerns after days of protests on campus. The office of Rep. John Carter at Georgetown University was vandalized by anti-Israel activists, and an Arab-Israeli journalist was assaulted by protesters ahead of a lecture at Columbia.

Why this matters: The clashes emphasize the growing tensions and polarization surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even within the American Jewish community. The protests at Sen. Schumer's home and on college campuses highlight the increasingly vocal opposition to U.S. support for Israel among some progressive groups.

The confrontations between pro-Palestine protesters and authorities have escalated in recent days, with California State Polytechnic University Humboldt closing its campus through Wednesday due to ongoing protests. As the Senate moves forward with the aid package to Israel, the protesters pledged to continue their opposition to U.S. military support for what they view as Israel's mistreatment of Palestinians.

Key Takeaways

  • 100+ pro-Palestine protesters arrested after clashing with police outside Sen. Schumer's home
  • Protesters rallied against U.S. military aid to Israel as Senate poised to authorize $26B in aid
  • Protests spread to college campuses, disrupting classes and prompting safety concerns
  • Tensions and polarization grow within American Jewish community over Israel-Palestine conflict
  • Arrested protesters pledge to continue opposing U.S. military support for Israel's treatment of Palestinians