Protesters Chant Slogans in Amman, Jordan Amid Regional Tensions

Protests erupt in Amidst tensions, Jordan faces pressure to take stronger stance against Israel's actions in Gaza, as clashes with security forces continue near the Israeli Embassy.

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Protesters Chant Slogans in Amman, Jordan Amid Regional Tensions

Protesters Chant Slogans in Amman, Jordan Amid Regional Tensions

Protesters have taken to the streets of Amman, Jordan's capital city, chanting slogans and demonstrating near the Israeli Embassy. The demonstrations come amidst heightened regional tensions and recent Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Jordanian authorities have deployed a heavy security presence in response to the protests, using tear gas to disperse crowds. Clashes between protesters and security forces are likely to continue in the vicinity of the Israeli Embassy in the coming days. Authorities are advising the public to avoid the area, take alternative routes, and seek shelter in secure, non-governmental buildings if large gatherings occur near foreign diplomatic missions.

Why this matters: The protests in Jordan highlight the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict's impact on regional stability and public sentiment in neighboring countries. Jordan, which hosts a large Palestinian diaspora, faces domestic pressure to take a stronger stance against Israel's actions in Gaza.

The Jordanian government has warned against escalation and urged all parties to exercise restraint. Jordan recently intercepted Iranian drones and missiles before they entered Israeli airspace, with debris falling in several places in Amman without causing significant damage or injuries. The Jordanian Foreign Minister summoned the Iranian ambassador, delivering a message urging an end to insults and doubts about Jordan's positions.

King Abdullah II of Jordan discussed the latest developments with US President Joe Biden, warning that any Israeli escalation measures would lead to an expansion of the conflict in the region. Hamas has denied any coordination with Iran to stoke unrest in Jordan, stating that its official contacts with Jordan have not been severed.

Protesters in Amman held demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people and resistance, chanting slogans such as "Abu Obeidah said this, Gaza and we are his soldiers" and "The Jordanian nation, the great nation, the nightmare of the occupiers." The demonstrations followed a speech by Abu Obeidah, the spokesman of the Qassam Battalions, Hamas's military branch.

Despite the largely peaceful nature of the protests, hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists have been arrested in recent weeks. The Jordanian government opposes the demonstrations, with officials blaming Hamas for inciting the activists and fearing that the protesters are placing ideological concerns over national interests. However, pro-Palestinian activists claim the Jordanian government is not doing enough to oppose Israel's actions in Gaza, which have resulted in numerous Palestinian casualties.

Key Takeaways

  • Protests in Amman, Jordan against Israeli actions in Gaza; security forces respond.
  • Jordanian government warns against escalation, urges restraint from all parties.
  • Jordan intercepted Iranian drones and missiles before they entered Israeli airspace.
  • Protesters demand stronger Jordanian stance against Israel; hundreds arrested.
  • Tensions highlight impact of Israeli-Palestinian conflict on regional stability.