Kazakhstan Creates National Hydrogeological Service to Manage Water Resources

Kazakhstan establishes national hydrogeological service to address water scarcity, digitalize industry, and ensure sustainable water management for its population and economy.

Salman Akhtar
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Kazakhstan Creates National Hydrogeological Service to Manage Water Resources

Kazakhstan Creates National Hydrogeological Service to Manage Water Resources

On April 30, 2024, Kazakh Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov signed a resolution to establish Kazhydrogeology, a new national hydrogeological service tasked with comprehensively managing the country's groundwater resources. The creation of this specialized agency constitutes a noteworthy advancement in Kazakhstan's efforts to address water scarcity issues and optimize water provision for its population and economic sectors.

Kazhydrogeology's primary responsibilities include conducting a thorough inventory of the country's groundwater deposits, water intake wells, and hydrogeological areas. The service aims to create an extensive database covering more than 4,300 explored groundwater areas and deposits, providing a centralized resource for effective water management. Additionally, Kazhydrogeology will lead the digitalization of the hydrogeological industry by introducing an automated groundwater monitoring system.

To tackle water scarcity in certain regions of Kazakhstan, the new agency will undertake prospecting and exploratory work to increase the volume of available underground water resources. This initiative aims to ensure an adequate supply of water for the population, economic sectors, and irrigation purposes. Kazhydrogeology will also be responsible for granting licenses for groundwater exploration, drilling hydrogeological wells, and utilizing geothermal groundwater resources for thermal power engineering, greenhouses, and fish farms.

Why this matters: The establishment of Kazhydrogeology represents a proactive approach by the Kazakh government to address the critical issue of water scarcity and ensure sustainable water management. By centralizing groundwater resource management and leveraging digital technologies, Kazakhstan aims to optimize water provision, support economic growth, and enhance the country's resilience to water-related challenges.

Prime Minister Bektenov emphasized the importance of Kazhydrogeology in resolving water management problems at all levels, stating, "The creation of Kazhydrogeology is a vital measure towards ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of our country's groundwater resources. By inventorying our water resources, digitalizing the hydrogeological industry, and exploring new sources of underground water, we aim to provide our population and economic sectors with the water they need to thrive."

Key Takeaways

  • Kazakhstan establishes Kazhydrogeology, a national hydrogeological service.
  • Kazhydrogeology will inventory groundwater resources and digitalize the industry.
  • The agency will undertake prospecting to increase available underground water.
  • Kazhydrogeology will manage groundwater exploration and utilization licenses.
  • The service aims to optimize water provision and support economic growth.