Body of Missing Businessman Found in Kirinyaga River After 9-Day Search

Samuel Kamau's body was recovered 9 days after his vehicle plunged into the Sagana River in Kirinyaga County. The 41-year-old businessman's decomposing body was found 2 kilometers from the accident site by Kenya Defence Forces divers.

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Body of Missing Businessman Found in Kirinyaga River After 9-Day Search

Body of Missing Businessman Found in Kirinyaga River After 9-Day Search

The body of Samuel Kamau, a 41-year-old businessman who went missing on May 2 after his vehicle plunged into the flooding Sagana River in Kirinyaga County, was recovered on Sunday following an extensive 9-day search effort. Kamau's decomposing body was spotted floating 2 kilometers from where he drowned by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) divers who had resumed the operation after it was initially suspended due to strong currents in the river.

Why this matters: The tragic incident highlights the need for improved road safety measures and emergency response systems in Kenya, particularly during periods of heavy rainfall. It also underscores the importance of community-led search and rescue efforts in rural areas where resources may be limited.

The search mission involved the police, KDF divers, and local residents. Kamau was traveling home from Murang'a County at around 11 pm when the accident occurred. According to his sister, Grace Wambui, Kamau was on the phone with a friend when he suddenly screamed and his phone went off. "The family and area residents loved him so much, he was very social," said Ms. Wambui.

The family is still in shock over Kamau's death, describing him as a good and hardworking man. They will now embark on funeral preparations to give their loved one a decent sendoff. Kamau's vehicle, a Nissan Double Cabin, is yet to be recovered from the river.

The search effort was led by Kirinyaga West Sub-county police boss Mr. Moses Koskei and involved the KDF's Disaster Response Battalion. Kirinyaga County Commissioner Allasow Hussein and other senior security officers were present during the operation. A piece of metal believed to be part of Kamau's vehicle was found at the scene of the accident.

The recovery of Samuel Kamau's body brings a tragic end to the 9-day search operation that gripped Kirinyaga County. As the family begins funeral preparations, the focus now shifts to retrieving Kamau's vehicle from the Sagana River and investigating the circumstances that led to the fatal accident.

Key Takeaways

  • Body of Samuel Kamau, 41, recovered 9 days after car plunged into Sagana River.
  • Kamau's decomposing body found 2km from accident site by KDF divers.
  • Search effort involved police, KDF, and local residents.
  • Kamau's vehicle, a Nissan Double Cabin, still missing in the river.
  • Family begins funeral preparations, investigation into accident circumstances.