Court Annexed Mediation Injects Ksh.52B Back into Kenyan Economy, CJ Koome Reveals

Court-Annexed Mediation in Kenya has successfully reintegrated Ksh.52.1 billion into the economy, with a 92.3% case resolution rate. This innovative approach is easing the burden on the court system and boosting economic growth.

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Court Annexed Mediation Injects Ksh.52B Back into Kenyan Economy, CJ Koome Reveals

Court Annexed Mediation Injects Ksh.52B Back into Kenyan Economy, CJ Koome Reveals

Chief Justice Martha Koome has announced that Court Annexed Mediation (CAM) has successfully reintegrated approximately Ksh.52.1 billion back into the Kenyan economy through the swift resolution of cases. Speaking at the 2nd Annual Mediation Summit, CJ Koome revealed that out of 18,162 matters referred to CAM, 16,770 have been resolved, translating to an impressive 92.3% conclusion rate.

The settlement rate for cases referred to mediation has been steadily improving, reaching 54.98% in the current financial year 2023/24, up from 51.2% in the previous year. On average, cases resolved through CAM take 73 working days to conclude. The banking sector alone has seen over 400 matters referred to mediation, resulting in the release of approximately Ksh.7 billion back into circulation.

CAM has now been rolled out in 40 counties across Kenya, supported by 60 Mediation Registries and 118 courts. The Judiciary has accredited 1,515 mediators, with 832 currently holding active status. Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu emphasized the transformative impact of CAM, stating, "Court Annexed Mediation has facilitated the resolution of 16,770 out of 18,162 cases, releasing approximately 52.1 billion shillings back into circulation."

Why this matters: The successful implementation of Court Annexed Mediation in Kenya is not only easing the burden on the court system but also providing a faster and more cost-effective means of resolving disputes. The significant amount of money reintegrated into the economy through CAM highlights its potential to stimulate economic growth and improve access to justice for Kenyans.

The second mediation summit focused on harmonizing labour relations, with the Employment and Labour Relations Court (ELRC) referring 1,929 matters to mediation. Of these, 1,796 have been concluded, resulting in a 93.1% conclusion rate and a 52.21% settlement rate in 2024. Employment and labour relations cases resolved through mediation take an average of 36 days.

CJ Koome assured stakeholders that the Judiciary is working to address challenges faced by the mediation process, such as delays in mediator fee settlements, and is committed to finding long-term solutions. The Chief Justice also highlighted the ongoing efforts to expand CAM to the remaining seven counties and urged attendees to actively promote mediation as a 'game changer' in the judicial process.

Key Takeaways

  • Court Annexed Mediation (CAM) has reintegrated Ksh.52.1 billion into Kenyan economy.
  • 92.3% of 18,162 cases referred to CAM have been resolved in 73 working days.
  • Settlement rate for CAM cases reached 54.98% in 2023/24, up from 51.2% previously.
  • CAM has been rolled out in 40 counties, with 1,515 accredited mediators.
  • Employment cases resolved through CAM take 36 days on average, with 93.1% conclusion rate.