JKIA to Undergo Major Overhaul by 2027 for Improved Aviation Experience

The Kenyan government plans to upgrade airports, including expanding Eldoret's runway and building a new JKIA terminal by 2027, to enhance aviation and boost economic growth. However, a journalist's criticism of JKIA's poor state sparks a debate with the transport secretary.

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JKIA to Undergo Major Overhaul by 2027 for Improved Aviation Experience

JKIA to Undergo Major Overhaul by 2027 for Improved Aviation Experience

The Kenyan government, led by Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen, has announced plans to upgrade airports and airstrips across the country to enhance the aviation experience. Murkomen made this promise after meeting with a delegation from the Cargo Consolidators Association operating at Eldoret International Airport.

Specifically, Murkomen stated that the Eldoret International Airport's runway will be expanded by 500 meters to increase its capacity. Additionally, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi is set to get a new terminal before 2027 to make it a more competitive and envious aviation hub.

The planned overhaul of JKIA comes after CNN journalist Larry Madowo exposed the poor state of the airport, which lacks basic amenities like a canopy to protect passengers from the rain. Madowo has been complaining about these issues for the past 10 years, sharing videos of himself walking at JKIA and highlighting the lack of protection from the elements.

In response to Madowo's criticism, Murkomen accused the journalist of only now noticing these problems because he lives abroad. The Cabinet Secretary claimed that by the time of the next elections, a new terminal will be completed or nearly complete, transforming JKIA into a more competitive airport.

However, Madowo dismissed Murkomen's claims, stating that he had previously exposed the airport's sorry state several times. The journalist pointed out that the leaders do not experience these issues because they are transported directly to the VIP section and do not mix with the general public.

The planned overhaul of JKIA and other airports in Kenya has significant implications for the country's aviation industry and economic growth. Improving airport infrastructure and amenities will enhance the travel experience for passengers and make Kenya a more attractive destination for business and tourism.

As part of the government's efforts to upgrade aviation infrastructure, the expansion and improvement of the Nairobi-Nanyuki Highway is scheduled for completion by mid-2025. The Isiolo-Nanyuki Railway project, slated for completion by late 2026, will provide a vital transportation link to major urban centers. These infrastructure developments are expected to boost economic activity, tourism, and business travel to the Nanyuki region, which is emerging as a dynamic investment destination.

Key Takeaways

  • Kenyan govt plans to upgrade airports, expand Eldoret runway by 500m.
  • JKIA in Nairobi to get new terminal by 2027 to boost competitiveness.
  • Journalist Larry Madowo criticized JKIA's poor state, lacks basic amenities.
  • CS Murkomen accused Madowo of noticing issues only because he lives abroad.
  • Nanyuki infrastructure projects to boost economic activity and tourism.