Kenya Floods Displace Over 110,000 and Cause 38 Deaths

Devastating floods in Kenya displace over 110,000 and claim 38 lives, as heavy rains continue to batter the country. Authorities and aid agencies scramble to provide relief and prepare for further impact.

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Kenya Floods Displace Over 110,000 and Cause 38 Deaths

Kenya Floods Displace Over 110,000 and Cause 38 Deaths

Heavy rains and widespread flooding in Kenya have displaced more than 110,000 people and resulted in 38 deaths as of April 23, 2024. The devastating toll continues to rise, with the situation worsening due to ongoing rainfall.

According to the Kenya Red Cross Society, the floods have impacted at least 23 counties, with the Nairobi, Coastal, and Central regions being the most impacted. Over 24,741 households have been adversely affected, and 11,206 people have been displaced. The floods have submerged more than 27,716 acres of land and caused the deaths of 4,824 livestock.

In Machakos County, residents were stranded by flood waters that destroyed their homes and farms. The county's governor, Wavinya Ndeti, called on residents living in flood-prone areas to move to safer grounds and mobilized food and non-food items for those seeking shelter. A temporary rescue center has been set up at Kinanie dispensary to assist the affected people.

The situation is particularly dire in Kirinyaga County, where over 60 families have been rendered homeless after River Thiba burst its banks. The Kenya Red Cross has warned that the flood situation is moving from an emergency to a disaster level, with affected residents being forced to spend the night in the cold after their homes were submerged.

Relief efforts led by national authorities and humanitarian partners are providing assistance to 20,590 people across 21 of Kenya's 47 counties. However, the humanitarian impact and damage are still increasing, with 32 people dead, 2 missing, and 25 injured. Over 103,500 people have been impacted in total.

Why this matters: The severe flooding in Kenya highlights the devastating impact of extreme weather events on vulnerable communities. As climate change continues to exacerbate these incidents, it is essential for governments and international organizations to prioritize disaster preparedness and provide timely assistance to those affected.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned that heavy rainfall and flooding are expected to continue across several parts of the country over the next seven days, particularly in low-lying areas, flood plains, urban areas with poor drainage, and steep slopes prone to landslides.

Kenyan officials and humanitarian agencies have urged the population to avoid flooded areas, move to higher ground, and exercise caution during heavy rainfall events. "The government has stated that it is prepared to mitigate the adverse effects of the flooding," said a spokesperson for the Kenyan government.

Key Takeaways

  • Heavy rains in Kenya have displaced over 110,000 and killed 38 as of April 23, 2024.
  • Floods have impacted 23 counties, with Nairobi, Coastal, and Central regions most affected.
  • Over 24,741 households and 11,206 people displaced, with 27,716 acres of land submerged.
  • Relief efforts underway, but humanitarian impact and damage continue to increase.
  • Heavy rainfall and flooding expected to continue, with officials urging caution and preparedness.