Kenyan CDF General Francis Ogolla's Son Urges Mourners to Celebrate Father's Life

General Francis Ogolla, Kenya's late Chief of Defence Forces, prepared his family for his death in a helicopter crash. His son's uplifting message at the memorial service celebrated the General's life and legacy, highlighting his impact and the family's resilience.

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Kenyan CDF General Francis Ogolla's Son Urges Mourners to Celebrate Father's Life

Kenyan CDF General Francis Ogolla's Son Urges Mourners to Celebrate Father's Life

Joel Rabuku Omondi, the son of the late Kenyan Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Francis Ogolla, urged mourners at a memorial service in Nairobi on April 19, 2024, to celebrate his father's life. Rabuku revealed that the General had long prepared the family for his death, which occurred in a helicopter crash in Elgeyo Marakwet County on April 18.

General Ogolla, a trained fighter pilot, had been the CDF for only a year but was shortly due to mark 40 years of military service. The crash also killed nine other "gallant military personnel" on board, while two survived. President William Ruto announced three days of mourning and said Ogolla's death was a "significant loss to the nation", describing him as an "accomplished military leader" and "devoted patriot".

During the service, Rabuku was seen seeking comfort from his loved ones, including his partner, who offered him comfort. President Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto were also present at the memorial, and the President paid a glowing tribute to General Ogolla. Ruto praised Ogolla's efforts in building synergy with other security agencies to safeguard the nation's security and his commitment to securing funds and personally supervising the rebuilding of schools in the troubled Kerio Valley.

Rabuku remembered his father as a jolly and light-hearted person who would not want to see people sad at his demise. He asked the mourners to be joyous, as the General had prepared the family for this day and was now resting with a "cheeky smile" on his face. Rabuku's courageous and uplifting message during this emotional time highlighted the General's faith and the family's resilience in the face of his tragic passing.

Why this matters: The death of General Francis Ogolla, a highly respected military leader, in a helicopter crash has shocked the nation of Kenya. As the country mourns this significant loss, his son's message to celebrate Ogolla's life and legacy provides a poignant reminder of the General's impact and the strength of his family during this difficult time.

General Ogolla will be laid to rest on Sunday at his home in Alego, Siaya County, as per his wishes. The family described him as a very generous individual who deeply cared about the concerns of fellow villagers. Tributes poured in from across the country, with First Lady Rachel Ruto, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, and Siaya Governor James Orengo remembering Ogolla as a humble, committed, and patriotic person who served his nation with dedication and passion.

Key Takeaways

  • General Francis Ogolla, Kenya's CDF, died in a helicopter crash on April 18, 2024.
  • Ogolla had prepared his family for his death, which his son Rabuku revealed at the memorial.
  • President Ruto praised Ogolla's efforts in securing national security and rebuilding schools.
  • Rabuku asked mourners to celebrate Ogolla's life, highlighting the family's resilience.
  • Ogolla will be laid to rest on Sunday at his home, remembered as a generous, humble patriot.