Kenya's Transport CS Exposes Reckless Driving on Nairobi Expressway Amid Rise in Road Accidents

Kenyan Transport CS exposes reckless driving on Nairobi Expressway, vows crackdown on traffic violations to curb rising road accidents.

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Kenya's Transport CS Exposes Reckless Driving on Nairobi Expressway Amid Rise in Road Accidents

Kenya's Transport CS Exposes Reckless Driving on Nairobi Expressway Amid Rise in Road Accidents

On Saturday, April 22, 2024, Kenya's Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen exposed a video of two men hanging out of a moving Mercedes Benz KCX 959B on the Nairobi Expressway, endangering themselves and other road users. The incident, which was caught on camera by a concerned passenger who warned the men but was met with laughter, highlights the growing problem of reckless driving in Kenya.

Murkomen called out the car's registered owner, James Gathogo Njeri, stating that authorities will take action against him for the reckless behavior. "This is unacceptable Mr. James Gathogo Njeri. Expect action to be taken against you and the two gentlemen captured in the clip hanging dangerously outside the car you own," Murkomen said.

This incident comes amid a worrying increase in road accidents in Kenya. According to data from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), at least 1,213 people have died on Kenyan roads in the past three months, with pedestrians accounting for the largest number of fatalities.

Why this matters: The rise in road accidents and reckless driving in Kenya is a serious public safety issue that demands urgent attention from authorities. Incidents like the one exposed by CS Murkomen not only endanger the lives of those directly involved but also pose a significant risk to other road users.

In response to the surge in accidents, Murkomen has announced a crackdown on traffic rule violations, instructing police and NTSA to intensify night patrols and random checks on major highways. The government has also recently launched the National Road Safety Action Plan 2024-2028, which outlines measures to curb reckless driving and reduce road accidents by 50% within the next year, including stricter enforcement, heavier penalties, and enhanced community involvement in road safety.

President William Ruto has given Murkomen one year to report a reduction in accidents or face consequences, putting pressure on the Transport CS to address the road safety crisis. While some Kenyans have welcomed Murkomen's "name and shame" strategy, others have challenged him to apply the same approach to high-profile individuals like nominated senator Karen Nyamu, who was seen flouting traffic rules on the Nairobi Expressway.

Key Takeaways

  • CS Murkomen exposed video of men hanging out of moving car on Nairobi Expressway.
  • Authorities to take action against car's owner, James Gathogo Njeri, for reckless behavior.
  • Kenya sees rise in road accidents, with 1,213 deaths in past 3 months.
  • Murkomen announced crackdown on traffic violations, with 50% accident reduction target.
  • President Ruto gave Murkomen 1 year to report accident reduction or face consequences.