Raila Odinga Urges President Ruto to Declare Kenya Floods a National Disaster

Devastating floods ravage Kenya, Raila Odinga urges President Ruto to declare national disaster and mobilize emergency response to aid affected communities.

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Raila Odinga Urges President Ruto to Declare Kenya Floods a National Disaster

Raila Odinga Urges President Ruto to Declare Kenya Floods a National Disaster

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party, has appealed to President William Ruto to declare the ongoing heavy floods in Kenya a national disaster. Odinga called on the President to dispatch military response units and set up an emergency fund to assist flood victims across the country.

The death toll from the floods has surpassed 48 people as of Wednesday, April 24, 2024, according to the Kenya Red Cross. Nairobi has reported the highest number of casualties, with at least 13 bodies recovered from separate places in the city following the heavy rains. Eleven of the bodies were found in Mathare, one in Kibera, and another in Kayole.

Hundreds of people have been displaced by the floods, which have affected major roads and estates, leaving houses near rivers inhabitable. Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei said that emergency multi-agency teams are combing various places in search and rescue missions. He urged those living near river paths to move out as the rains are expected to increase in the coming days.

Why this matters: The severe impact of the floods on Kenyan communities highlights the urgent need for government intervention and support. The loss of life, displacement of residents, and damage to infrastructure emphasize the importance of swift action to mitigate further harm and provide relief to those affected.

Odinga emphasized the need for the government to implement long-lasting measures to address the perennial issue of flooding in the country. He stated that the Azimio MPs have already put together Ksh.1 million to be given to the Red Cross for distribution to the affected people. The opposition chief also called on Governor Johnson Sakaja to undertake proper rescue efforts in the most affected areas and provide relevant support to all victims.

President Ruto has directed select Ministries to take immediate action in response to the heavy rains causing flash floods. Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki announced that the National Police Service, Kenya Red Cross, and Kenya Coast Guard Service are coordinating search and rescue operations, while county security teams are working with local governments to evacuate those at risk.

Odinga stressed the severity of the situation, noting that the floods have hit even the most unexpected places. "The situation requires urgent humanitarian assistance across the country, including search and rescue efforts, as well as the provision of food, water, blankets, and medication to affected Kenyans," he said. The Azimio leader called for the mobilization of all available national resources to avert further loss of life and property as the government works to address the escalating flood disaster in Kenya.

Key Takeaways

  • Raila Odinga calls on Pres. Ruto to declare floods a national disaster
  • Floods have killed over 48 people, displaced hundreds in Kenya
  • Ruto directs ministries to take immediate action on flood response
  • Azimio MPs donate Ksh.1 million to Red Cross for flood relief
  • Odinga urges urgent humanitarian aid, mobilization of national resources