Luxembourg Prisons Currently Hold 611 Inmates, Majority Men Aged 30-50

Luxembourg's prisons house 611 inmates, with men outnumbering women. The data reveals the demographics, crimes, and life sentences, providing insights for crime prevention and rehabilitation programs.

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Luxembourg Prisons Hold 611 Inmates, Majority Men Aged 30-50

Luxembourg Prisons Hold 611 Inmates, Majority Men Aged 30-50

Luxembourg's three prison facilities currently house a total of 611 inmates, with 580 men and 31 women, according to Justice Minister Elisabeth Margue's response to a parliamentary question from CSV MP Laurent Mosar.

The majority of the prisoners are held at the Schrassig penitentiary, which has 284 inmates, and the Uerschterhaff centre, which holds 260.

Most of the incarcerated individuals are between the ages of 30 and 50, with the primary nationalities being Luxembourgish, Portuguese, and French. The main reasons for imprisonment include theft, with 187 cases, drug offenses, and homicide, with 91 cases. Other crimes leading to incarceration are violent robbery, with 39 cases, and rape, with 34 cases. Additionally, 12 people are currently serving life sentences in Luxembourg's prisons.

Why this matters: The prison population statistics provide insight into the demographics and criminal landscape of Luxembourg. Comprehending the composition and reasons for incarceration can inform discussions on crime prevention, rehabilitation programs, and the allocation of resources within the justice system.

Minister Margue's detailed response to the parliamentary question sheds light on the current state of Luxembourg's correctional facilities and the individuals they hold. The data highlights the gender disparity in the prison population, with men making up the vast majority of inmates. It also reveals the age range and nationalities most represented among those incarcerated, as well as the prevalent crimes leading to imprisonment in the country.

Key Takeaways

  • Luxembourg's 3 prisons hold 611 inmates: 580 men, 31 women
  • Most inmates are 30-50 years old, with Luxembourgish, Portuguese, and French nationalities
  • Top crimes include theft (187), drugs, homicide (91), violent robbery (39) and rape (34)
  • 12 inmates are serving life sentences in Luxembourg's prisons
  • Prison data informs crime prevention, rehabilitation, and justice system resource allocation