Mali Praises Türkiye's Drones for Aiding Land Control Efforts

Mali praises Türkiye's drone support in fight against terrorism, as it turns to Russia amid French troop withdrawal and UN peacekeeping mission end.

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Mali Praises Türkiye's Drones for Aiding Land Control Efforts

Mali Praises Türkiye's Drones for Aiding Land Control Efforts

During the fourth term Türkiye-Mali Joint Economic Commission meeting in Ankara, Mali's Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop praised Türkiye's unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) for aiding Mali's efforts to control its territory. Diop highlighted the strong defense cooperation between the two nations, emphasizing how Türkiye's drones have supported Mali in its fight against terrorism.

The meeting focused on strengthening economic and trade relations between Türkiye and Mali. "Türkiye's unmanned aerial vehicles have played a significant role in helping Mali assert control over its lands," Diop stated, underscoring the importance of the defense partnership.

Why this matters: Mali has been confronting an insurgency for over a decade and has recently turned to countries like Russia for military support as French and European troops withdraw. Türkiye's drone assistance represents another source of aid for Mali as it seeks to stabilize the country and combat armed groups.

The praise from Mali's foreign minister comes as the country faces instability and security challenges. The UN Security Council recently voted to end its peacekeeping mission in Mali at the request of the country's military junta. Mali has brought in mercenaries from Russia's Wagner Group to help fight the insurgency, while the US and other Western powers have expressed concerns about Mali's increasing reliance on Russia.

Minister Diop defended Mali's decision to request the UN peacekeeping mission's withdrawal, stating that it was not a hasty move and that many Malians had called for it. The withdrawal of over 15,000 UN personnel by the end of 2024 is expected to be a massive undertaking for both the UN and Mali, with worries about potential increases in violence and instability in the region.

Key Takeaways

  • Mali praised Türkiye's drones for aiding its fight against terrorism.
  • Türkiye and Mali are strengthening economic and defense cooperation.
  • Mali has turned to Russia for military support as French troops withdraw.
  • UN peacekeeping mission in Mali to end by 2024, raising concerns about instability.
  • Mali defends its decision to request UN peacekeeping mission withdrawal.