Family of Worker Killed at WasteServ Incinerator Sues Six Employees

Family of worker who died at WasteServ facility sues 6 employees over safety lapses that led to his death, following magisterial inquiry's recommendation for criminal charges.

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Family of Worker Killed at WasteServ Incinerator Sues Six Employees

Family of Worker Killed at WasteServ Incinerator Sues Six Employees

The family of Joseph Ellul, a 38-year-old worker who tragically died in an incident at the WasteServ incinerator facility in Marsa, has initiated legal proceedings against six WasteServ employees. This action follows the conclusion of a magisterial inquiry that recommended criminal charges against the individuals involved.

Ellul's mother and sister are suing the company and the six employees after Magistrate Elaine Rizzo's inquiry found prima facie evidence to institute criminal proceedings for involuntary homicide. The inquiry uncovered several health and safety failings at the facility, including the lack of guards or protective features on the hatch where Ellul put his head to check a piece of equipment.

Among those named in the lawsuit are WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca and the director general of the public abattoir, Stefan Cachia. The magistrate recommended their prosecution, along with four other WasteServ employees, for failing to take adequate precautions to prevent such incidents from occurring.

The inquiry also suggested that several witnesses should face charges for perjury, as it is believed they lied under oath to cover up the circumstances surrounding Ellul's death. The tragic incident has prompted the family to seek damages from those deemed responsible for the safety lapses that led to the loss of their loved one.

Why this matters: This case highlights the critical importance of workplace safety and the consequences that can arise when proper precautions are not taken. It also underscores the role of thorough investigations in uncovering the truth and holding those accountable for preventable tragedies.

The legal proceedings initiated by Joseph Ellul's family aim to seek justice for his untimely death and ensure that those responsible are held accountable for the safety failings identified in the magisterial inquiry. The lawsuit names six individuals, including high-ranking officials, who are accused of not taking sufficient measures to prevent such incidents at the WasteServ incinerator facility. As the case progresses, it may shed further light on the circumstances surrounding Ellul's tragic death and the steps needed to improve workplace safety standards.

Key Takeaways

  • Family sues 6 WasteServ employees over worker's death in Marsa incinerator.
  • Magisterial inquiry found safety failings, including lack of guards on equipment.
  • CEO, director general among those recommended for prosecution for involuntary homicide.
  • Witnesses accused of perjury to cover up circumstances of worker's death.
  • Case highlights importance of workplace safety and accountability for preventable tragedies.