Rental of Armored Cars Surges 30% in Mexico Amid Insecurity and Attacks on Politicians

Surge in armored car rentals by Mexican politicians amid rising insecurity and attacks, highlighting security concerns during elections.

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Rental of Armored Cars Surges 30% in Mexico Amid Insecurity and Attacks on Politicians

Rental of Armored Cars Surges 30% in Mexico Amid Insecurity and Attacks on Politicians

Erick Cuenca Gurrola, the president of Coparmex Metropolitano, has reported a 30% increase in the rental of armored cars and vans in Mexico due to rising insecurity and attacks targeting politicians, particularly candidates. Candidates in municipalities across the State of Mexico are opting for rentals with level 3+ or 4 armor, capable of withstanding assault rifles. However, many politicians are choosing level 5 or 7 vehicles for enhanced protection.

The average cost of a comprehensive security package, which includes an armored vehicle equipped with GPS and an armed, trained driver, ranges between 180,000 to 190,000 pesos per month. Cuenca Gurrola, who owns a private security company, emphasized the significance of authorities regularly consulting with security experts, especially during the electoral process. He expressed the business sector's interest in participating in the state government's Security Table to contribute their expertise.

Why this matters: The surge in armored vehicle rentals highlights the growing security concerns in Mexico, particularly for politicians and candidates. This trend underlines the need for increased security measures and collaboration between authorities and security experts to address the escalating violence and ensure the safety of public figures during the electoral process.

Cuenca Gurrola anticipates that the demand for armored vehicles will persist throughout the political campaign period until June 2nd. Many municipal presidents are considering maintaining the rental of these vehicles or doing so on a bi-monthly basis. The monthly rental of an armored car with an armed driver ranges between 180,000 and 190,000 pesos, while the cost of the armored vehicle itself can reach between 1.2 million and 2 million pesos.

Popular choices for armored rentals include Cherokee, Suburban, or Mercedes Benz vans. Cuenca Gurrola emphasized the durability of level 3 and 4 armor, which can withstand shots from weapons like 9mm pistols or even assault rifles. Many municipal politicians opt for vehicles with level 3 armor to travel through metropolitan areas. "It is important to remain inside the armored vehicles in case of an armed attack, as they offer a high level of security even in the event of impacts on the tires," Cuenca Gurrola advised.

The president of Coparmex Metropolitano noted that his security company has been working closely with municipal authorities to enhance security for politicians during the elections. He also mentioned that while there are around 500 registered security companies in the State of Mexico, many others operate illegally. The increased demand for armored vehicles reflects the growing concerns over security and the need for politicians to take precautionary

Key Takeaways

  • 30% increase in armored car rentals by Mexican politicians due to rising insecurity
  • Rental costs range from 180,000-190,000 pesos/month, with vehicles costing 1.2-2 million pesos
  • Armored vehicles with level 3-4 protection against assault rifles are popular choices
  • Security experts urge authorities to consult with them, especially during elections
  • Demand for armored cars expected to persist through 2024 political campaigns