Surge in Chinese Migrants Illegally Crossing US-Mexico Border Reaches Record Levels

The surge of Chinese migrants crossing the US-Mexico border has reached record levels under the Biden administration, sparking political debate and straining the immigration system.

Salman Khan
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Surge in Chinese Migrants Illegally Crossing US-Mexico Border Reaches Record Levels

Surge in Chinese Migrants Illegally Crossing US-Mexico Border Reaches Record Levels

The number of Chinese migrants, found illegally crossing the US-Mexico border has skyrocketed to record-breaking levels under the Biden administration, according to recent data. In the first half of fiscal year 2024, nearly 25,000 Chinese nationals were encountered by Border Patrol, a staggering increase from just 65 during the same period in fiscal year 2021. The full fiscal year 2023 saw a record 24,125 Chinese nationals crossing the border, and the Biden administration is on track to surpass that record with nearly 50,000 expected by the end of fiscal year 2024.

Republicans have blamed the surge on President Biden's policies, claiming he has softened border security and reversed effective Trump-era measures. Democrats, however, argue that the GOP is inflating the numbers and ignoring the impact of a rise in forced global migration. Data shows that under the Biden administration, there have been 6.4 million encounters between border agents and migrants seeking to cross illegally, more than quadruple the average under the Trump administration. Additionally, over 1.6 million encounters have been registered at official ports of entry with migrants deemed inadmissible.

The Biden administration had initially aimed to undo the harsh border policies of the Trump era and work with governments across Central America to address the root causes of migration. However, the administration has been overwhelmed by the extraordinary wave of migration, with migrants coming from countries beyond the targeted Central American nations. Despite efforts to create lawful pathways and address underlying economic issues, the flow of migrants continues to increase, with the growing numbers of those who have made it across the border encouraging more to attempt the trek.

Why this matters: The surge in illegal border crossings has become a key issue in the upcoming US presidential election, with both parties seeking to highlight their track records on immigration, border, crossings . The influx of migrants has strained the US immigration system, leading to an increasing number of paroled immigrants released into the country until their cases can be assessed.

The Biden administration's diplomatic push across the region has not always delivered the desired results, with the Mexican government deporting fewer migrants than in the previous year. With the number of asylum applications received by the US in fiscal year 2023 exceeding 920,000, compared to just 76,000 in 2013, the immigration system has become overwhelmed. The surge has prompted Russia to consider tightening its own immigration laws, with the Interior Affairs Ministry filing a draft law to require foreign workers to have a digital profile with biometric data and reduce the number of days foreigners can spend in Russia without registering.

Key Takeaways

  • Chinese migrants crossing US-Mexico border surged under Biden, reaching record highs.
  • Republicans blame Biden's policies, Democrats cite global migration rise as the cause.
  • Biden admin aimed to undo Trump's harsh policies but overwhelmed by migration wave.
  • Surge in illegal crossings a key issue in upcoming US presidential election.
  • Russia considers tightening immigration laws in response to US immigration crisis.