Bomb Threat Disrupts Chisinau International Airport for Second Time This Weekend

Chisinau Airport in Moldova evacuated twice in one weekend due to bomb threats, raising security concerns amid tensions with Russia. Investigation launched, US strengthening collaboration with Moldova.

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Bomb Threat Disrupts Chisinau International Airport for Second Time This Weekend

Bomb Threat Disrupts Chisinau International Airport for Second Time This Weekend

On Sunday, April 22, 2024, Chisinau International Airport in Moldova was evacuated due to a bomb threat, marking the second such incident at the airport over the weekend. Passengers were disembarked from aircraft and cleared from the terminal while authorities conducted a thorough search of the premises.

The threat was reported in the evening, prompting the immediate evacuation of all passengers and staff. Specialized services of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived on site to investigate. As a precautionary measure, trolleybus service in the vicinity of the airport was also redirected.

Two flights, Wizz Air W93934 from London Luton and LOT LO515 from Warsaw, were diverted to other airports as a result of the disruption. The Wizz Air flight made an emergency landing at Iasi Airport in Romania, where all 220 passengers and crew were safely evacuated.

After an extensive search, the alert was determined to be a hoax and airport operations resumed normal activity. This incident follows a similar bomb threat that occurred at Chisinau International Airport on Saturday evening, April 21, which was also later deemed a false alarm.

Why this matters: The repeated bomb threats at Chisinau International Airport raise concerns about security and potential attempts to disrupt air travel in Moldova. The incidents come amid heightened tensions between Moldova and Russia, with fears that the ongoing war in Ukraine could spill over into the Moldovan territory of Transnistria, which is occupied by Russian troops.

An investigation has been launched into the source of the latest threat. Criminal proceedings have been initiated in both cases for falsely reporting acts of terrorism, which can result in fines or imprisonment of up to 2 years. The United States is strengthening collaboration with the Moldovan government in light of the recent events and the risk of potential destabilization by Russia.

Key Takeaways

  • Chisinau Airport in Moldova evacuated twice due to bomb threats.
  • Two flights diverted, one made emergency landing in Romania.
  • Threats deemed hoaxes after extensive searches by authorities.
  • Concerns over security and potential disruption of air travel.
  • US strengthening collaboration with Moldova amid Russia tensions.