Nepal Investment Summit to Host 634 Investors from 52 Countries

Nepal's 3rd Investment Summit aims to attract 634 investors from 52 countries, showcase 148 projects worth $9 trillion, and drive economic growth through public-private partnerships.

Bijay Laxmi
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Nepal Investment Summit to Host 634 Investors from 52 Countries

Nepal Investment Summit to Host 634 Investors from 52 Countries

The upcoming third Nepal Investment Summit, scheduled for April 28-29 in Kathmandu, is set to host 634 investors from 52 countries, along with 385 Nepali businessmen and investors. The Investment Board of Nepal (IBN) has approved a list of 148 projects worth 9 trillion rupees to be presented at the conference, including both government and private sector initiatives.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' emphasized the need for the investment summit to produce tangible results and instructed the creation of a special unit to aid in mobilizing capital and credits. He stressed the importance of presenting concrete and practical projects rather than a 'wish list', and highlighted the critical role of public-private partnerships in the country's prosperity.

High-level representatives from companies such as Dabur Nepal, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and SJVN, as well as officials from international organizations like the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and International Monetary Fund, are expected to participate in the summit.

Why this matters: The Nepal Investment Summit serves as a platform to showcase the country's investment opportunities and attract foreign capital to drive economic growth and development. The participation of a diverse range of investors and international organizations underscores Nepal's potential as an attractive investment destination.

During a recent meeting with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Prime Minister Dahal highlighted Nepal's investment opportunities in sectors such as agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure. The two countries agreed to form a taskforce to facilitate investment and other areas of mutual cooperation.

The Investment Board of Nepal also approved additional investments for the Huaxin Narayani Cement Project and accepted a proposal from Dabur Nepal for capacity expansion and product diversification. Prime Minister Dahal directed the authorities to make the investment summit more result-oriented and to simplify procedures and deal with difficulties in delivering development projects.

The Prime Minister prioritized the steel industry and irrigation-related projects to generate jobs in the agriculture sector, and asked the Board to accelerate stalled development projects. He emphasized the need to take the private sector into confidence and create an investment-friendly environment in the country, arguing that the private sector should be facilitated rather than controlled to ensure development and prosperity.

The Nepal Investment Summit is expected to showcase around 150 projects, mainly from the hydropower, transport, tourism, expressway, and agriculture sectors. Prime Minister Dahal stressed the importance of working with a positive mindset to make the summit a success and push forth workable projects. The government has also initiated the process of amending laws to remove obstacles to investment and facilitate the mobilization of capital from domestic, foreign, and private sectors.

Key Takeaways

  • Nepal to host 3rd Investment Summit on April 28-29, with 634 investors from 52 countries.
  • 148 projects worth 9 trillion rupees to be presented, focusing on practical, not 'wish list' projects.
  • High-level representatives from companies and international organizations to participate in the summit.
  • Nepal seeks to attract foreign capital to drive economic growth, with focus on sectors like agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure.
  • Government aims to simplify procedures, create investment-friendly environment, and accelerate stalled development projects.