Elderly Dog Killed in Fatal Attack by Pack of Dogs in Auckland

Beloved family dog Kippa fatally attacked by pack of off-leash dogs during commercial walk, sparking outrage and calls for stricter regulations on dog walking businesses.

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Elderly Dog Killed in Fatal Attack by Pack of Dogs in Auckland

Elderly Dog Killed in Fatal Attack by Pack of Dogs in Auckland

In a tragic incident on April 8th, 2024, a beloved family dog named Kippa, a Cairn Terrier, was fatally attacked by four larger dogs during a pack walk organized by the dog walking business Stimulated K9 in East Auckland, New Zealand. The attack occurred when Kippa's owner, Barbara Wright, was walking Kippa and her other dog Hugo on the Whitford's Bridle Track.

Despite a warning from a passing horse rider about a group of dogs in the area, Wright decided to continue the walk, hoping the dogs would have moved on. However, the four large dogs ran towards Wright and her dogs, with one dog grabbing Kippa in its mouth and shaking her violently. Wright tried to intervene, getting bitten in the process, but was unable to stop the mauling.

Kippa suffered extensive injuries, including broken ribs, punctured lungs and bowel, and a ruptured ACL. The Stimulated K9 dog walker, who was in charge of a pack of 14 dogs at the time, lost control of the animals, some of which were off-leash. Kippa was ultimately euthanized due to the severity of her injuries.

Why this matters: The incident has sparked outrage in the community and raised concerns about the lack of regulation surrounding commercial dog walking businesses. It highlights the potential dangers posed by large groups of dogs being walked together and the need for stricter oversight to ensure public safety.

The attack has prompted an investigation by Auckland's Animal Management and a review of the regulations around the number of dogs that can be walked in a pack. Expert animal behaviourist Mark Vette has suggested that pack-dog walking should be regulated and the number of dogs walked at one time should be capped at 10 to ensure walkers have control over the pack at all times.

Pooch Permits: The Auckland Council is currently reviewing its Dog Management Bylaw 2019 and is considering regulations for commercial dog walkers as part of the process. Vette believes that pack walkers should obtain a special license to operate. The dog walking company, Stimulated K9, has removed its social media profiles in the wake of the incident.

Barbara Wright, devastated by the loss of Kippa, is urging others to be on the lookout for the Stimulated K9 pack to prevent similar tragedies. "I want justice for Kippa. I want to make sure no other dog or person goes through this," Wright said. The community is rallying around the Wright family and demanding accountability from the dog walking business responsible for the fatal attack.

Key Takeaways

  • Beloved family dog Kippa fatally attacked by 4 off-leash dogs during pack walk
  • Owner Barbara Wright bitten trying to intervene, Kippa euthanized due to severe injuries
  • Incident sparks outrage, calls for stricter regulation of commercial dog walking businesses
  • Experts suggest capping pack size at 10 dogs, requiring special licenses for pack walkers
  • Community demands accountability, as dog walking company removes social media profiles