Aviation Union Threatens Strike Over Government's Plan to Slash Agency Funding

Aviation union threatens strike over planned 50% revenue cut for agencies, warns of compromised safety and security in the sector.

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Aviation Union Threatens Strike Over Government's Plan to Slash Agency Funding

Aviation Union Threatens Strike Over Government's Plan to Slash Agency Funding

The Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) has issued a stern warning to the Federal Government, threatening to embark on industrial action if the government proceeds with its directive to deduct 50% from the internally generated revenue (IGR) of aviation agencies. The association argues that such a move would jeopardize safety and security in the aviation sector.

In a statement released on Friday, ATSSSAN emphasized that the aviation agencies were not established for profit-making purposes and that reducing their funding by half would severely hamper their ability to effectively carry out their mandates. The association expressed grave concerns over the potential consequences of the government's decision, stating that it could lead to compromised safety standards and security measures within the industry.

The union's leadership warned that if the government insists on implementing the 50% deduction, it may have no choice but to direct all aviation workers to down tools until the decision is reversed. "We cannot stand idly by while the government takes actions that could put the lives of passengers and crew at risk," said a spokesperson for ATSSSAN.

Why this matters: The potential strike by aviation workers could cause significant disruptions to air travel in Nigeria, affecting both domestic and international flights. The dispute also highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the aviation industry in balancing financial constraints with the need to maintain high safety and security standards.

ATSSSAN also raised concerns about alleged attempts by some private airlines to prevent their employees from forming labor unions, which the association views as an infringement of workers' rights. The union called on the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment to intervene and ensure that aviation employees are free to exercise their right to unionize without fear of retribution from their employers.

The association reiterated its commitment to engaging in dialogue with the government to find a mutually acceptable solution that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all stakeholders in the aviation industry. However, it maintained that industrial action remains a last resort if the government fails to address their concerns satisfactorily.

Key Takeaways

  • Aviation union ATSSSAN threatens strike over 50% cut to agencies' revenue
  • Warns reduced funding will compromise aviation safety and security
  • Raises concerns over airlines' alleged attempts to prevent worker unionization
  • Potential strike could disrupt domestic and international air travel in Nigeria
  • Union seeks dialogue but says strike is last resort if concerns not addressed