Gunmen Kill 12 in Plateau State, Nigeria, Sparking Protests and University Closure

Gunmen launch brutal attacks in Plateau State, Nigeria, killing over 12 people, prompting university closure and calls for enhanced security and peace restoration.

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
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Gunmen Kill 12 in Plateau State, Nigeria, Sparking Protests and University Closure

Gunmen Kill 12 in Plateau State, Nigeria, Sparking Protests and University Closure

Gunmen have carried out a series of brutal attacks on communities in the Mangu and Bokkos local government areas of Plateau State, Nigeria, resulting in the tragic loss of more than 12 lives. The attacks occurred in the Tilengpat Pushit community in Mangu LGA, where 12 individuals, including women and children, were killed. In Bokkos LGA, there were multiple attacks in the Mandung, Butura, Chikam, and other communities near the Plateau State University, leading to the deaths of six individuals.

The chairman of Mangu LGA confirmed the incident in Tilengpat Pushit, stating that the victims were mostly women and children. A community leader in Pushit revealed that 12 bodies had been recovered from the scene and nearby bush. The police have deployed security operatives to the affected area and are investigating the motive behind the attack.

In Bokkos LGA, a student of the Plateau State University was shot in his room outside the campus, and another was killed. The attacks prompted students of the university to stage a massive protest on Friday, leading to the closure of the university for 10 days. The university management condemned the attacks, declared a two-day mourning period, and suspended ongoing exams. They also called on security agencies to strengthen security around the university.

Why this matters: The escalating violence in Plateau State has raised concerns about the safety and security of citizens, particularly in the affected local government areas. The attacks have not only claimed lives but also disrupted the education of students at the Plateau State University, highlighting the far-reaching consequences of such violence on communities and institutions.

Governor Caleb Mutfwang has condemned the attacks and called for calm, reassuring citizens of the government's commitment to safeguarding lives and property. He urged collaboration between the university, community leaders, and security agencies to enhance security in the area. The Senator representing Plateau Central in the National Assembly also visited the affected communities, called for an investigation, and urged stakeholders to collaborate to restore peace and stability in the region.

The Plateau State government has expressed its dedication to restoring peace and safeguarding citizens. "The criminals do not want the communities to be at peace," said Marcus Artu, the Transition Committee chairman of Mangu LGA. He assured of continuous engagement to foster peace among the people and convened emergency meetings with security agencies and stakeholders to avoid any reprisal or breakdown of law and order.

Key Takeaways

  • Gunmen attacked communities in Plateau State, Nigeria, killing over 12 people.
  • Attacks occurred in Mangu and Bokkos LGAs, including near Plateau State University.
  • University student killed, prompting protests and 10-day closure of the institution.
  • Governor condemned attacks, called for calm and collaboration to restore security.
  • Authorities vowed to engage stakeholders and security agencies to maintain peace.