Lagos State Reclaims System 1 Drainage Channel in Ojota and Ogudu to Address Flooding

The Lagos government is enforcing the reclamation of the vital System 1 Drainage Channel, tackling flooding on the mainland by removing structures encroaching on the right-of-way despite prior notices. This proactive action demonstrates the state's commitment to urban planning and protecting citizens.

Quadri Adejumo
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Lagos State Reclaims System 1 Drainage Channel in Ojota and Ogudu to Address Flooding

Lagos State Reclaims System 1 Drainage Channel in Ojota and Ogudu to Address Flooding

The Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources has launched an enforcement initiative to reclaim the System 1 Drainage Channel, a vital waterway in Ojota and Ogudu responsible for alleviating flooding in major parts of the Lagos mainland. The ministry's commissioner, Tokunbo Wahab, revealed that an inspection on Sunday, April 28, 2024, showed property owners building new structures within the designated 140-meter right-of-way of the channel, despite contravention notices being served to them since 2021.

The System 1 Drainage Channel, established in 1974, is the biggest and widest primary channel that helps mitigating flooding in significant areas of the mainland, including Ogudu, Ojota, Ifako, Gbagada, and Maryland. The government had been engaging with property owners since 2021, issuing notices about the impending enforcement of the right-of-way for the drainage system. However, some property owners continued to encroach on the alignment and right-of-way, constructing new buildings despite the ongoing conversations and notices.

Why this matters: The reclamation of the System 1 Drainage Channel is vital for tackling significant flooding problems on the Lagos mainland, which affects the lives and properties of countless residents. The enforcement action taken by the Lagos State Government demonstrates its commitment to protecting citizens from the devastating effects of flooding and ensuring proper urban planning.

Commissioner Wahab emphasized the importance of residents obtaining necessary approvals and respecting the State Drainage Master Plan before buying land or building. He stated, "The original dimension of the channel was 140 meters, and the government is willing to put a human face to the enforcement process." The ministry is now proceeding with the removal of structures that violate the 140-meter boundary from the embankment.

In addition to the enforcement action in Ojota and Ogudu, the ministry is set to commence major maintenance dredging at the Okota Faseun Bridge System 6E to improve water flow and remove waste that contributes to flooding in the area. The Lagos State Government has also initiated a dredging operation in the Ikorodu area to address flooding threats, reflecting a proactive approach to safeguarding residents and averting potential disasters.

Commissioner Wahab led a team to the enforcement sites to assess the level of compliance by property owners and the progress of the work. He appealed to residents to respect the State Drainage Master Plan and visit the necessary government agencies to obtain drainage clearance before undertaking any construction. The ongoing removal of contravening structures is aimed at maintaining the integrity of the drainage system and preventing flooding in the affected areas.

Key Takeaways

  • Lagos govt launches enforcement to reclaim vital System 1 Drainage Channel in Ojota, Ogudu.
  • Channel established in 1974 helps mitigate flooding in major mainland areas like Ogudu, Ifako, Maryland.
  • Govt engaged property owners since 2021, but some continued encroaching on the 140m right-of-way.
  • Reclaiming channel vital to tackle significant flooding issues affecting residents' lives and properties.
  • Govt also initiating dredging operations in Okota and Ikorodu to address flooding threats.