Mother of Four Battling Cancer Appeals for N3 Million to Undergo Surgery

35-year-old mother of 4 in Nigeria seeks financial aid for urgent cancer surgery, highlighting the need for affordable healthcare and community support for those battling life-threatening illnesses.

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Mother of Four Battling Cancer Appeals for N3 Million to Undergo Surgery

Mother of Four Battling Cancer Appeals for N3 Million to Undergo Surgery

Ann Agbaraj, a 35-year-old mother of four, is seeking financial assistance to undergo cancer surgery. According to an appeal letter, Ann has been fighting breast cancer since November 2020, and her condition has deteriorated, with her left breast decaying and emitting a foul odor.

Despite undergoing various treatments, including mammography, chemotherapy, and radiography, Ann was advised earlier this year to have her left breast removed. However, due to financial constraints, she has been unable to proceed with the surgery.

Joseph Onaggunwa, the National President of Advocates in Defence of Human Rights and Culture, confirmed that both of Ann's breasts need to be removed at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, with an estimated cost of N3 million.

Why this matters: Ann's story highlights the financial challenges faced by many cancer patients in accessing necessary medical treatments. Her case highlights the importance of affordable healthcare and support systems for individuals battling life-threatening illnesses.

In her plea for assistance, Ann expressed fear that the tumor might spread to other parts of her body if left untreated. She has appealed to the government and fellow Nigerians for help in raising the required funds for her surgery.

Donations to support Ann's medical treatment can be made to her Zenith bank account number 2260951366. Her story underscores the ongoing struggles faced by cancer patients and the critical role of community support in their fight against the disease.

Key Takeaways

  • 35-year-old mother of 4 seeks N3M for breast cancer surgery
  • Left breast decaying, advised to remove both breasts at Lagos hospital
  • Financial constraints prevent her from undergoing necessary surgery
  • Appealing for government and public assistance to fund treatment
  • Highlights challenges of accessing affordable cancer care in Nigeria