NDDC Completes 25.7-km Ogbia-Nembe Road in Bayelsa State

The NDDC completes the 25.7km Ogbia-Nembe Road in Bayelsa, Nigeria, a flagship project that will boost the socio-economic fortunes of 14 communities and demonstrate the Commission's commitment to infrastructure development in the Niger Delta.

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
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NDDC Completes 25.7-km Ogbia-Nembe Road in Bayelsa State

NDDC Completes 25.7-km Ogbia-Nembe Road in Bayelsa State

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has announced the completion of the 25.7-kilometer Ogbia-Nembe Road in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The road project, executed in partnership with Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), features 7 bridges, 53 culverts, and spurs connecting 14 communities.

NDDC's Executive Director of Projects, Sir Victor Antai, expressed satisfaction with the project's execution and highlighted the Commission's commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure projects that will positively impact the lives of Niger Delta residents. "The road project is a flagship intervention in the Niger Delta and a model of development partnership between the Commission and International Oil Companies (IOCs) in the region," Antai stated.

The project was built on a sand embankment of 2.5 million cubic meters, with the construction involving the removal of 4 meters of clay soil and the use of vertical drains to address the swampy terrain. The NDDC Director of Environmental Protection and Control, Onuoha Obeka, noted that the road was previously impassable before the NDDC's intervention, and its completion is a "huge success story". Obeka also lauded the completion of the road despite the challenges encountered, particularly the swampy terrain.

Why this matters: The completion of the Ogbia-Nembe Road is expected to boost the socio-economic fortunes of the 14 communities that were previously inaccessible by road. The project demonstrates the NDDC's commitment to implementing projects that will help reduce the hardships faced by people in the Niger Delta region through its 'Renewed Hope' policy.

Antai stated that the era of abandoned NDDC projects is over and urged the contractor to expedite the finishing touches to get the road ready for inauguration soon. The road is expected to be economically important for the locality, particularly in transporting farm produce to urban areas, and it will enhance the economic emancipation of the rural dwellers.

Key Takeaways

  • NDDC completed 25.7km Ogbia-Nembe Road in Bayelsa, Nigeria with 7 bridges, 53 culverts.
  • Project executed in partnership with Shell, aimed to improve infrastructure and socio-economic conditions.
  • Road built on sand embankment, overcoming swampy terrain challenges through clay soil removal and drains.
  • Road previously impassable, now expected to boost economic activities and transport of farm produce.
  • NDDC committed to completing abandoned projects, urging contractor to finalize road for inauguration.