PCRC Chairman: Nigerians' Hatred for Police Negatively Affecting Security

The PCRC chairman expresses concern over Nigerians' deep-rooted hatred for police, which stems from childhood and negatively impacts security. Addressing this resentment is crucial for fostering trust and cooperation between the public and law enforcement.

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
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PCRC Chairman: Nigerians' Hatred for Police Negatively Affecting Security

PCRC Chairman: Nigerians' Hatred for Police Negatively Affecting Security

Mogaji Olaniyan, the National Chairman of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), has expressed concern over the widespread hatred Nigerians harbor towards police officers, stating that this deep-seated resentment, which often starts from childhood, is negatively impacting the country's security. Olaniyan made these remarks during the 40th celebration ceremony of the PCRC in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Olaniyan lamented the alarming false narratives Nigerian parents create about police, security emphasizing that this hatred remains a significant factor affecting the nation's security. He pointed out that parents often use the threat of calling the police to scold their children, leading to children growing up with a deep-rooted animosity towards law enforcement.

Why this matters: The strained relationship between the public and the police has far-reaching consequences for the effectiveness of law enforcement and the overall security of the nation. Addressing this issue is critical for fostering trust, cooperation, and a safer society for all Nigerians.

The PCRC National Chairman stressed the urgent need to address this widespread resentment to cultivate a healthy relationship between the people and the police, which he believes is essential for enhancing security across the nation. Olaniyan called for more sensitization among primary and secondary school students about the importance of policing in society.

Samson Kunle Popoola, the State Chairman of the PCRC, also highlighted that Ogun State remains the most peaceful and safe state in Nigeria. He attributed this to the cordial relationship between the PCRC and the police in the state. Popoola urged residents to cooperate more with the police to maintain this commendable record.

"The narrative most Nigerian parents give their children about police is very alarming, and that hatred starts from home, thereby, leaving an enmity between children and police," Olaniyan stated, emphasizing the need for a shift in societal perceptions towards security personnel. The PCRC aims to raise awareness and encourage positive relationships between communities and the police, as they believe this is crucial for effective law enforcement and maintaining national security.

Key Takeaways

  • PCRC chair concerned about Nigerians' deep-rooted hatred for police
  • Parents' negative portrayal of police leads to children's animosity
  • Strained police-public relationship harms national security
  • PCRC calls for sensitization programs to improve perceptions
  • Ogun state cited as model of cordial police-community relations