Violent Clash Erupts Between Ekiti and Kwara Communities Over Land Dispute

Violent clash erupts between Kwara and Ekiti communities over land dispute, prompting government intervention to restore peace and resolve the conflict.

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Violent Clash Erupts Between Ekiti and Kwara Communities Over Land Dispute

Violent Clash Erupts Between Ekiti and Kwara Communities Over Land Dispute

A violent clash occurred between residents of Obbo-Aiyegunle in Kwara State and Ilejemeje Local Government in Ekiti State over a land dispute on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Suspected hoodlums from Kwara State attacked the Ilejemeje Local Government Secretariat and some residents, causing damage to property and leaving one person hospitalized.

The attack was reportedly sparked by the Ekiti State government's decision to lease part of the disputed land to private individuals for farming, leading to the uprooting of cashew trees owned by Obbo Aiyegunle farmers. The heavily armed hoodlums fired gunshots, forcing council workers to flee the premises. Windows and doors of the secretariat building were vandalized during the attack.

The Eleda of Eda-Oniyo, Oba Awodipo Awolola, stated that the hoodlums had previously attacked some residents on their farmlands, causing panic and tension in the community. One farmer was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. Oba Awolola called for the state governments of Ekiti and Kwara to intervene and settle the dispute to prevent further bloodshed.

Why this matters: The violent clash highlights the need for prompt intervention and resolution of land disputes between communities to maintain peace and harmony. The incident has caused trauma and fear among residents, emphasizing the importance of addressing such conflicts through dialogue and government mediation to prevent escalation and ensure the safety of citizens.

The chairman of Ilejemeje Local Government, Alaba Dada, expressed shock over the incident and said security officers had been mobilized to the town. He urged the two state governments to resolve the land dispute to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship between the communities.

Security forces, including soldiers and police, have been deployed to the area to calm the tension and prevent reprisal attacks. The Ekiti State government has also intervened, with the aim of engaging in dialogue with the Kwara State government to find a lasting solution to the land dispute and restore peace in the affected communities.

Key Takeaways

  • Violent clash between Obbo-Aiyegunle (Kwara) and Ilejemeje (Ekiti) over land dispute
  • Hoodlums from Kwara attacked Ilejemeje LG secretariat, causing damage and injuries
  • Dispute sparked by Ekiti govt leasing disputed land for farming, uprooting cashew trees
  • Ekiti and Kwara govts urged to intervene and resolve the land dispute peacefully
  • Security forces deployed to calm tensions and prevent further escalation of violence