Masked Activists Hurl Molotov Cocktails in Clashes Outside Bogota’s District University

Violent clashes erupt in Bogota as Colombia severs ties with Israel over Gaza "genocide," sparking escalating diplomatic feud with global implications.

Muhammad Jawad
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Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Police During Clashes Outside Bogota University

Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Police During Clashes Outside Bogota University

Violent clashes erupted outside the District University in Bogota, Colombia on May 2, 2024, with protesters throwing Molotov cocktails at police. The incident occurred during a May Day rally led by Colombian President Gustavo Petro, who announced that his government would sever diplomatic relations with Israel, accusing the country of "genocide" in Gaza.

Petro's comments drew strong condemnation from Israel's foreign minister, who accused the Colombian leader of "expressing support for the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists" and "fueling antisemitism." In response to Petro's decision, Israel halted security exports to Colombia, marking an escalation in the feud between the two countries.

The protests outside the university were part of the larger May Day demonstrations, where Petro addressed thousands of supporters, criticizing Israel's assault on Gaza. "The world cannot accept genocide, the extermination of an entire people," Petro declared. "If Palestine dies, humanity dies."

Why this matters: Colombia's decision to cut ties with Israel marks a significant shift in the country's foreign policy and could have broader implications for the region. The move also highlights the growing international condemnation of Israel's actions in Gaza and the Palestinian territories.

Colombia has historically been one of Israel's closest partners in Latin America, with the two countries maintaining deep military ties. However, relations have cooled since Petro's election as Colombia's first leftist president in 2022. Petro's stance on Israel has been welcomed by Hamas, who called the decision a "victory," while urging other Latin American countries to follow suit.

The clashes outside the District University underscore the heightened tensions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict and its impact on global diplomacy. As the situation continues to unfold, the international community will be closely watching the actions of both Colombia and Israel, as well as the broader implications for peace and stability in the region.

Key Takeaways

  • Violent clashes in Bogota, Colombia during May Day rally led by Pres. Petro.
  • Petro announced severing diplomatic ties with Israel, accusing it of "genocide" in Gaza.
  • Israel halted security exports to Colombia in response to Petro's decision.
  • Colombia's move marks shift in foreign policy, highlights growing global condemnation of Israel.
  • Clashes underscore tensions over Israel-Palestine conflict and its impact on global diplomacy.