Peru Bus Crash in Cajamarca Kills at Least 25, Injures Over a Dozen

Tragic bus crash in Peru kills at least 25, highlighting ongoing road safety issues in the country's mountainous regions. Authorities investigating the incident to determine responsibilities.

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Peru Bus Crash in Cajamarca Kills at Least 25, Injures Over a Dozen

Peru Bus Crash in Cajamarca Kills at Least 25, Injures Over a Dozen

At least 25 people were killed and more than a dozen injured when a bus plunged into a 200-meter ravine from a mountain road in the Andean region of Cajamarca, northern Peru on Sunday night. The bus, carrying over 50 passengers, fell into a river, and some of those on board were swept away by the water.

Rescue workers and firefighters were at the scene, and the injured were evacuated to hospitals. The Celendin municipality declared 48 hours of mourning as dozens of people gathered at a police station near the site, desperate for news of their loved ones.

Why this matters: The deadly crash highlights the ongoing problem of road safety in Peru, where accidents are frequent due to factors like speeding, poor road conditions, lack of signs, and inadequate enforcement of traffic rules. The incident is a tragic reminder of the need for improved transportation infrastructure and safety measures in the country's mountainous regions.

The bus belonged to the Manantial de Chaquil company and was traveling on a potholed dirt road when it lost control and crashed down the slope. Local authorities reported that 20 bodies have been found so far, and some of the injured, including the driver, were seriously hurt.

Police and firefighters are still working at the scene to recover the bodies, and the death toll may rise further. The municipality of Celedin has requested authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly to determine the responsibilities.

Accidents are relatively common along Peru's precarious roads, with similar deadly crashes occurring in the country in recent months. Last year, the country registered more than 3,100 deaths from traffic accidents.

Authorities are investigating whether the bus was roadworthy. "We are gathering the information of the survivors to determine what happened," said Cajamarca police chief Colonel Rodorico Cubas Ramírez. The city of Celendin conveyed its condolences to the victims' families and called for an "exhaustive investigation to determine responsibilities."

Key Takeaways

  • At least 25 killed, over a dozen injured when bus plunged into ravine in Peru.
  • Accident occurred on mountain road in Cajamarca region, bus carried over 50 passengers.
  • Ongoing road safety issues in Peru due to factors like speeding, poor conditions, lack of enforcement.
  • Authorities investigating bus roadworthiness and determining responsibilities for the incident.
  • Peru registered over 3,100 traffic accident deaths last year, similar crashes have occurred recently.