Ultra Perú 2024 Music Festival to Proceed Despite Temporary Cancellation

The Ultra Perú 2024 music festival, initially canceled by the Lima municipality due to noise complaints, has been reinstated after organizers addressed concerns. This highlights the challenges of balancing event interests and community needs.

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Ultra Perú 2024 Music Festival to Proceed Despite Temporary Cancellation

Ultra Perú 2024 Music Festival to Proceed Despite Temporary Cancellation

The Vastion Group has confirmed that the Ultra Perú 2024 music festival will take place at the San Marcos Stadium in Lima on April 20-21, despite a temporary cancellation by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima due to noise complaints from nearby residents. The municipality had initially canceled the electronic music festival, which was set to feature over 20 artists, citing administrative issues, excessive noise, informal street vendors, and disruption of free transit as the reasons.

However, the organizers have described the municipality's decision as "abrupt" and claim they were not given the opportunity to address the concerns raised. The Vastion Group stated that they had obtained the necessary approvals from the Municipality of Lima but were surprised by the imposition of new regulations without proper notification. The company has reiterated its commitment to strictly complying with all regulations set by the authorities and has the backing of Civil Defense and the Ministry of the Interior.

The festival's schedule has been adjusted, with the show starting at 4 PM on Saturday and ending at 11 PM, while on Sunday, it will run from 2 PM to 10 PM. This measure was likely taken to avoid disturbing the neighbors. The Vastion Group has requested dialogue with the authorities to resolve the issue and not disappoint their fans or impact their profits.

The Ultra Perú festival made its debut in Lima in 2023 as the first electronic music festival to be held in a Peruvian stadium. This year's lineup includes renowned DJs such as Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, KSHMR, Mathame, W&W, Adam Beyer, CamelPhat, and Stephan Bodzin, among others. The festival will be held over two days across three stages: the Mainstage and the Resistance stage.

Why this matters: The temporary cancellation and subsequent reinstatement of the Ultra Perú 2024 music festival highlight the ongoing challenges faced by event organizers in balancing the interests of attendees and local residents. The resolution of this dispute demonstrates the importance of effective communication and collaboration between organizers and municipal authorities to ensure the smooth running of large-scale events while addressing community concerns.

Despite the initial cancellation, music fans, including some from Mexico, were waiting in line hoping the event would still take place. The organizers have confirmed that "the music has already started playing" at the San Marcos Stadium. The Vastion Group has expressed its regret for the situation and has appealed to the authorities to rectify any infractions, as they believe the <a href="https://gestion.pe/peru/confirman-ultra-peru-2024-en-estadio-san-marcos-tras-sup

Key Takeaways

  • Ultra Perú 2024 music festival to take place at San Marcos Stadium in Lima.
  • Festival initially canceled by Lima municipality due to noise, vendors, and transit issues.
  • Organizers claim they had approvals and were not given chance to address concerns.
  • Festival schedule adjusted to avoid disturbing neighbors, organizers seek dialogue.
  • Event highlights challenges of balancing interests of attendees and local residents.